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Travel To India – India Tour Offer Heavenly Beauty

Travel To India known as simply India, it is one of the most important tourism destinations in India with myriad range of tourist attractions and everlasting scenic beauty. Set like a gem on the map of India, it is a vibrant diamond which changes its colors with the seasons to seasons – always lavishly beautiful – always able to steal the hearts of visitors. Mind-boggling scenic beauty, snow-capped mountain peaks, fruit laden orchards, green carpeted gorgeous meadows, beautiful hills, chatty waterfalls, lovely lakes, scenic trekking trails, lively valleys, gorgeous gardens, picturesque locations, postcard-perfect landscapes, etc all are in India to create a memorable holiday experience. Rightly, India is called as the “Paradise on the Earth”.

Travel To India is a land where myriad holiday and tourism ideas are realized. In winter when snow carpets mountains, there are many options for winter sports like skiing, ice-skating, tobogganing, sledge-riding, heli-skiing, ice-hockey, etc. And exploring fascinating places and sightseeing in winter is too exhilarating and memorable experience. It seems you are in a heaven where nature cares and treats you. In spring and summer, tourists can enjoy awesome charm of tourism. Honey-dewed orchards, lily-laden lovely lakes, blue skies, gorgeous gardens (Shalimar Bagh and Nishat Bagh), flower carpeted meadows, gorgeous valleys with colorful flowers, etc all are to enhance the charm of India tourism.

Travel To India, Pahalgam, Sonmarg, and Ladakh region are some of important places to visit on tour to Jammu and India. These are destinations where tourists find golden opportunity to enjoy awesome tourism and explore endless scenic beauty with lots of adventure and sport activities. Gulmarg is internationally famous for winter sports. It has skiing slopes which is often compared to slopes of Canada and Switzerland. Pahalgam is a shepherds’ village with breathtaking views. Due to superb science beauty it has been the location of several bollywood movie scenes. Sonmarg with scenic beauty is the base of a major trek that passes through several mountain lakes and scenic landscapes. These destinations are attractions of many package tours to India, India.

Travel To India is perhaps the most preferred tourist destination in India. It is known for scenic beauty with gorgeous gardens, lovely lakes, colorful meadows and several religious shrines. Many tourists are attracted to India by the charm of staying on luxurious houseboat in lily-laden lovely lakes of Srinagar. India houseboat tour provides wonderful accommodation facilities in a luxury houseboat with unique experience of living on the water enjoying facilities like luxury hotels. Dal Lake and Nagin Lake are beautiful lakes in Srinagar. A Shikara in Srinagar is also a cheerful experience. Experiencing the surrounding panorama is made spectacular when travelled on a traditional houseboat in India.

Travel To India is another attraction of India tourism. It is the very distinct region of the state. It is known as cold desert. It is the land not anywhere in the world. It is known for Buddhist culture. Several Buddhist monasteries and Gompas can be seen in Ladakh region. Leh is the administrative centre of Ladakh and often called as the Capital of Ladakh. The region is very famous for adventure & sport activities like trekking, chadar trekking, ice trekking, etc. Well, if you too want to enjoy the charm of awesome tourism in India visit India, the Switzerland of Asia. The captivating beauty of lush valleys adds a great backdrop to the houseboat ride perfect for a romantic sojourn.

Egyptian Pottery – Ageless Beauty

Ancient Egypt could be a place of wild beauty and great fascination to several people today. Once, a hotbed of intrigue, commerce, and trade there is a lot of regarding Egypt that remains dark and mysterious even in the modern world in that we currently live. One factor is for certain but, the ancient Egyptians were artisans in their own right and one kind of art in which they excelled was pottery. The pottery of ancient Egypt is usually imitated today for several reasons.

Students have come back to some kind of consensus of belief that the ancient Egyptians could are the first to use enamel in pottery-a observe that adds great beauty and value to the pottery items, creating them a true work of art. The wonderful issue is that this is often one thing that was introduced, we tend to believe, nearly four thousand years ago and remains valued in today’s fashionable society.

To illustrate simply how vital pottery was to the ancient Egyptians there are actually pieces of pottery that are included in the ancient hieroglyphics that depicted acts of commonplace living in this ancient civilization. Pottery was included in more than a few of those glimpses into history establishing its importance and also the commonality of its use.

Pottery in ancient Egypt was almost always created to be used instead of created for decoration. Even the smaller items were meant to hold perfumes with the larger items of pottery holding grains, water, wine, and even meat for later use or consumption. The pottery of ancient Egypt could also be found in several sizes to accommodate the different wants the pottery filled. It had been common to search out numerous pieces ranging in sizes from inches tall to three or four feet in height. Pottery was as common to the Egyptians of old as appliances are today and it did serve to create life go much a lot of smoothly for the individuals who used it.

In ancient Egypt pottery was also used for a number of the foremost sacred rites of burial. Pottery pieces were used to carry certain organs when they were faraway from the body throughout the embalming method to arrange the body for burial. Each of the following: heart and lungs, liver, small intestines, and the abdomen were placed in four separate containers made of pottery and buried along with the body. It ought to be noted that the Egyptians aren’t the only civilization to use pottery in relation to the dead. The traditional Greeks additionally stored the ashes of their dead in ceramic containers.



Somewhere on is the winery’s SECRET WINE. Click around on different objects and, if you have some wine luck, you’ll find it. But don’t look on the navigation, because it’s not there. This wine has an unusual story and is so special that when it’s offered in any restaurant it won’t be on their menu: you have to know to ask for it by name. In fact, it is so unique that Robert Keenan Winery does not advertise it anywhere, yet it inspired a rock song (that plays when you find the secret page on the Web site-or, in theory, also when you open a bottle of this highly exquisite wine).

BACKGROUND – High in the Mayacamas Range, at an elevation of 1,700 feet above the Napa Valley floor, are Spring Mountain and the Robert Keenan Winery and vineyards. This area was first identified as prime vineyard land by Peter Conradi in the late 19th century when he planted 100 acres of terraced vineyard in Zinfandel and Syrah grapes. The Conradi Winery operated until Prohibition when the vineyards and winery fell out of use. In 1974, Robert Keenan purchased 180 acres of forest on the defunct Conradi Winery site. No vines remained. Only the crumbling walls of the former winery and a few old broken tanks told of its history, but Robert was certain the mountain top vineyards would be perfect for an estate winery. He replaced tree stumps and rocks with rows of Cabernet and Chardonnay, hired an engineer to redesign the original winery structure, and brought in a contractor to begin construction. The winery was made operational just in time for the harvest of 1977. From that time on, Keenan has earned a great reputation for producing wines of intense character and renowned acclaim.

Keenan focuses on three varietals — Chardonnay Napa Valley, cabernet sauvignon, and Merlot. It produces nearly 14,000 cases per year. Combining the dedication of experienced winemakers with a commitment to excellence, the Robert Keenan Winery has distinguished itself as a maker of exceptional wines – in limited varietals and quantity. Napa Valley Wines for sipping, wines for enjoying, wines for enhancing any occasion. In the last eight vintages, 42 wines have been rated between 90 and 97 points by Robert Parker Jr.

While the beauty and history of the land are appealing, it is the richness of the soils that makes the hillside perfect for an estate winery. These soils are, in great measure, responsible for the dramatic intensity of the fruit associated with the ultra-premium wines produced at Robert Keenan Winery. The winery recently completed a solar power system on their property. The system will supply all of the winery’s power needs. The estate wines will carry the “Solar Powered and Sustainably Farmed” phrase on the label.

Keenan reclaimed nearly 50 acres from the mountain forest. Three areas of hillside are planted with Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Napa Valley, Chardonnay, and Merlot grapes. These hillside grapes first produced big, “monster” wines so popular in the late 1970s. Now the winery carefully controls and finesses the abundant flavors of the hillside-grown grapes, producing wines of unparalleled complexity, richness, and elegance.

Chardonnay was the first Keenan wine released and it immediately established the Winery in Napa Valley California as a leading producer of Napa valley chardonnay wines. The Cabernet grapes came into leaf and the resulting Cabernet vintages were immediate successes. The 1978 was voted the best California Cabernet of that vintage. The 1986 Cabernet was acclaimed as the 42nd best cabernet sauvignon wine in the world by Wine Spectator. In 1978, Keenan purchased a small volume of Merlot grapes as a way to also acquire some desired Chardonnay grapes. The resulting Merlot proved extremely popular and Merlot became a permanent part of the winery’s selection. The reputation of the Keenan Merlots was solidified in 1988 when tastings of the Keenan Merlots against the world famous Petrus wines (Merlots) resulted in a virtual draw.

Robert Keenan Winery combines both the art and science of winemaking with a relentless passion for producing fine wines for your enjoyment. From using only the finest grapes to the Portuguese cork in the bottle, the Keenan commitment to quality is consistent. The wine is testament to these efforts. One taste and you will note the Keenan difference. However, why limit yourself to only one taste?

The winery staff invites you to come visit the historic Robert Keenan Winery in person. Enjoy handcrafted, small production wines produced by sustainably-farmed vineyards. Bring a picnic lunch and take in the beautiful Napa Valley vineyard and valley views from the panoramic picnic area. Robert Keenan Winery is available by appointment seven days a week:

Beauty and the Epilator

As much as we want to deny it, we tend to make little judgments in our heads when we meet a person for the first time. This comes with the saying that first impression matters. And sure enough, it doesn’t stop at characteristics and manners of the individual but a little weight is given to beauty as well. Some may say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but then again, there comes that little voice in your head that throws a few remarks about the person’s looks as well.

You are indeed beautiful, despite color, size, shape and age. What matters is how you show it. Now, when I say beauty, I don’t mean the stuff that comes in compact cases tuck in vanity bags nor does it refer to palettes of eye shadow and tubes of lipstick. What I do mean is how you portray yourself to others. Sociologists often say that with enough zest and self confidence, an individual’s self esteem can fly through the roof if they believe that they can. When you feel pretty, you are pretty.

So do what makes you beautiful and show the world what you’re made of. You can start with the very basics of hair removal. Obviously we’re not talking about going bald, but when you want to slide on that pencil skirt for an interview or enjoy the sun and tan in your bikini on the beach, the epilator can be of great help to remove unwanted hairs from the body. Slather on some good moisturizer after and you will see that your smooth skin will give off that healthy glow making you look and feel better. Once you feel great, you would be able to carry yourself with charm, letting others see the beauty you bring as well. So, if you’re down in the dumps, a bored weekend or need a little perk for the day, get cracking on hair removal and look more beautiful today.

The Epitome Of Beauty Lola Lona G-strings

G-strings are becoming popular with the passage of each day and many brands are competing amongst themselves to lead the market. However, sadly they do not realize the market is already lead by Lola Luna. Lona Luna g-strings are the most widely sold g-strings in the present generation no doubts regarding that. In this article we shall be looking at the different Lola Luna g-strings which are available in the market. Let us begin the venture by a slight introduction to the history of Lola Luna g-strings in general.

Contrary to the popular belief, g-strings are available and were discovered by the most primitive of humankind. In fact, g-strings were the first form of clothing that was donned by the pre-historic era man and woman. Lola Luna is a firm that is based on the southern part of France and the French as we all know has been pioneering the industry ever since they made the first lingerie in the 1600s. Lola Luna has been in operation for the past 20 years and Lola Luna g-strings have been famous ever since the company first realized them.

G-strings are either liked or disliked by women. While some think of them as beauty, other sees them as a piece of vulgarity. Now we cannot hammer the beauty of Lola Luna g-strings into the heads of the doubters, but let the popularity of the products speak for them. Why does a firm that was established just 20 years ago become the pioneer in the field of g-strings? The question might be quite vexing, but have you ever glanced at the prices of Lola Luna g-strings? The price structure is always maintained since its inception any woman can buy their products without hesitation.

The prices of Lola Luna g-strings being low, as well as the diversity of the products are some of the factors that had fueled the growth of the product into mountainous proportions. Lola Luna g-strings can be found in the online as well as offline market. It is always wiser to buy from the online market because of the wide variety of Lola Luna g-strings that are present with the online vendors. G-strings should be in proportion with the body features and they are made available to fulfill such requirements. One of the negative aspects of the online purchasing procedures is that you will not be able to try to product before purchasing them.

Lola Luna g-strings are manufactured with the most elegant of the materials in the industry so that adequate comfort can always be provided to the wearer. Most of the Lola Luna g-strings can also be used as jewelry. Depending on the depth of your pockets, it is wiser to invest on expensive or alternative Lola Luna g-strings. One of the best aspects that have been related to these products is their longetivity. The Lola Luna g-strings are known to be robust in the stitching and hence will server you for many years to come.

Best Salon Long Island- Enhance the beauty of your entire face

It is pretty natural to get worried when you tend to lose hair at an alarming rate. In case you are suffering from any such situation, don’t get tensed and worried because there are ways and means to bring you out of this condition. You have to get hold of a reliable parlor where only professional experts render the beauty treatments. If you want to obtain the optimal level of performance, get in touch with Best Salon Long Island.

Best Salon Long Island will accomplish your desires?

This particular beauty treatment salon has been functioning for quite some time now and serving thousands of clients and customers for the last so many years. The organization has successfully created a niche in the market because of the amazing performance and the highest standard of execution of tasks. It has also been honored with varieties of international awards and prizes for exceptional services in hair extensions and colors, facial, wigs etc.

What makes it so special and extra ordinary?

Only highly qualified, trained and professional experts are at work. The customer care service is beyond any comparison and is simply outstanding. The service charges are also pretty cheap and affordable. This is indeed one of the best Long Island Salons. The products used are all medically tested before applying. The safety and protection measures are strictly maintained. Only the highest quality hair extension products are employed. Are you opting for hair extensions? If you have made up your mind that you want to employ this method of saving yourself from going bald and ugly, you must ensure that you select the correct service provider. You must remember that your hard money is involved and you cannot let it go wasted, right? Moreover, if you get hold of an unprofessional and inefficient parlor you might also get physically affected.

It is very important to abide by the safety measures and norms and eliminate the chances of unwanted incidents. Why take chances with your very own self? In case you are looking for the best hair extensions, Long Island will never give you any opportunity to complain or get upset. Why don’t you give a try too?

Overcoming the undesired conditions with the advanced beauty treatments We all are aware of the importance of hair for maintaining the visual appeal. Human beings definitely tend to lose confidence once they lose hair and become bald. Don’t take this as the end of your world because there are opportunities to avoid these situations.

Macy Busson is a hair color expert at Best Salon Long Island is New York best national directory for finding information on Beauty and best hair extensions Long Island in New York.

Makeup and Beauty Developments for Spring and Summertime 2011

Broad ranges of hues are out there which can be utilized to develop a smoky eye makeup, but most well-liked eyeshadow hues applied are black and gray. This mix goes very well with all skin tones and eye hues so absolutely everyone can opt for this variety of makeup. But, keep in head that this variety of makeup is correct for night events or for a evening out. You can go for red lips with smoky eyes, but this combination is only meant for incredibly unique occasions. Pick out it if you want to be admired for your splendor.

Natural Shopping Makeup:ng>

As almost nothing can major all-natural magnificence, so naturalness is really praised this yr. This form of makeup suits all kind of formal and informal occasions. Organic looking makeup makes use of minimum amount of makeup to greatly enhance your healthy splendor which starts with a flawless skin. Use a concealer and basis to develop perfect skin appear and coat your eyelashes making use of brown/black colored mascara based on your hair shade for a extra purely natural appear. Boost your lips employing a crystal clear or lip colored lip gloss or lipstick. This way, they’ll glimpse all-natural but sensual. To add a touch of color to your complexion, use a blush to your cheeks in a rosy, peachy or brown coloration, but consider to retain amount relatively low. This gives you more purely natural and tasteful look and feel.

Also preserve in brain to highlight possibly your eyes or lips nor both at the same time, as it looks messy. For thriving application of winter makeup, essential stage is to maintain in brain harshness and dryness of climate and wearing traditionally darker clothing than summers. You want to put away light foundations and summery eye colors and provide out oil based mostly moisturizers, protective foundations and matte eye shadows in fall and winter shades like gray and brown. At night time, it’s necessary to use a heavier moisturizer with essential nutritional vitamins with other skin rejuvenating elements. So, get inspired with these makeup and elegance trends and steal the limelight!

Fashion weeks are held semi-yearly in all key style capitals. From January to April, designers demonstrate their autumn/winter collections and from September to November spring/summertime collections are showcased. Trend weeks are held effectively in advance to make it easy for a prospect to press and purchasers to preview trend developments for forthcoming season.

Many trend developments have been set for upcoming Spring/Summer season 2011 year. Prime Italian designer homes like Giorgio Armani, Prada and Gucci have revealed their spring-summer time masterpieces along with most recent makeup and elegance trends. Upcoming spring/summer 2011 season presents top beauty trends inspirations. Some of the key makeup and attractiveness trends are presented below.

Dazzling Lips:

Types that strutted down Spring/Summer time 2011 runways had been popped up with coral, pink and red lips. From matte as a result of glossy finishes, no doubts vibrant lips are obviously ought to-haves for forthcoming season. Continued from winter season 2010, vibrant hues like orange-red will be defining style for spring 2011 year as perfectly. Brilliant lips will be a symbol for bold and gorgeous flaunting sensuality.

Hippie Hair:

This season, retro hairstyle will be IN.

Sandy Kirkland is a world renowned makeup artist. She is known for her simple makeup tips and trendy makeup ideas.

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Silk sarees – Popular And Prized In India

Silk is a popular fabric yarn in India where mulberry and other forms of silk are cultivated and silk fabrics made, in different traditional pockets of India. The love for silk fabrics has not diminished till this day on account of the soft, smooth rich-feel and lustrous appearance. The love for tradition and silk go hand-in-hand and Indians in all corners of the country and globe have always sought silk fabrics for special and exclusive occasions like weddings, traditional festivals, grand parties and the like.

Take the South Indian silks that are made of very good quality silk. Parties, important social events, corporate functions are all occasions for the use of silk handlooms. South Handloom Silks are famous for their soft feel, rich thread work, attractive motifs and patterns, contrast borders in a wide range of vibrant colours. Dharmavaram, Arani, Narayanpet, Venkatagiri, Mangalagiri, Uppada, Bangalore, Mysore, Coimbatore, Arani are some of the pockets famous for their individual brands of silk.

Mysore silks and Kanchipuram or Kanjeevaram Sarees have a special place in the fabric world. The Kanchipuram Silks are made of pure silk, with motifs having zari of silk threads dipped in liquid gold and silver. The appeal of the Kanjeevaram Silks lie in the elegant broad borders with colours and designs different from that of the body. Typical motifs are sun, moon, peacock, swan, lion and mango. Themes like jasmine flowers scattered between boundaries, parallel lines running across or temple structures are also popular.

Benaras has its pride of place as the traditional provider of rich heavily adorned pure silk sarees which have stood the test of time for the quality and magnificence of the weave. It is well-known that no average North Indian marriage will take place without the Banarasi saree being part of the bridal attire and worn by the ladies present for the occasion. It is just like its counterpart in the southern part of India, the Mysore Silks, a regal attire for the tradition-loving Indians. The Chanderi Silks of Madhya Pradesh (MP), are known for their sheer quality, fine texture and marvellous work in art and design. Chanderi Silks have zari brocades with embroidery of different patterns as Zari, Zardosi, Ari, Gota, Chikan, to name a few. Tussar Silk, also known as -Kosa’ Silk is -wild silk’, from silkworms breeding on trees in the forests of Jharkhand. The raw silk has a deep golden colour and is of good texture. Hand-woven Tussar Silk fabrics are well known for their texture, zari borders and motifs and the hand crafted designs that enrich them.

The East has its handloom silks from Bengal and Orissa. Bengal is famous for its handloom silk saris. It is fine, smooth, of good texture, airy and light on the body. Popular for its comfort the Bengal Silks are preferred in colours of red, green, yellow, blue and their shades. Silk brocade designs suited to the base colour, are decorated with attractive motifs. Jamdhani hand weaving is a necessary accompaniment for Bengal fabrics where cotton and gold thread weaving create motifs of geometric patterns and floral designs in colourful hues. Dhania Khali and thangail are popular weaving styles. Nature, the sun, the moon and stars are some of the popular motifs.

Bomkai and Sambalpuri are silk handloom sarees of Orissa with the traditional art and shine in terms of quality of weave and beautiful adornments. These include ikkat tie & dye weave, hand-painting with themes from epics, motifs of nature, flora and fauna and exquisite embroidery on the sarees. The North East has Assam and Meghalaya. Assam Silks are made from Muga (golden silk), Mulberry Silk or Eri Silk and have zari work or multi-coloured threads with patterns like fruits, flowers, diamonds, animals, birds as motifs. Meghalaya is known for its handloom woven fabrics. Eri or endi silk and mulberry silk are the raw materials used in silk handloom weaving. Meghalaya silks are known for their durability and texture. Meghalaya silk sarees offer canvas for beautiful eye-catching patterns of zari in zardozi, chikan, ari and gota. Fashion prints of batik, block, bandhini lehriya enhance the beauty of Meghalaya fabric. Adornments with kundans, beads, and pearls add to the allure of the Meghalaya Silk fabric.

Nowadays silk is also mercerized like cotton, improving its fibre qualities in terms of overall strength and lustre. The Silk Crepe fabric is thin, light and transparent. The distinguishing feature of the Silk Crepe is its sparkle and lustre, apart from its soft feel, gauze-like appearance and texture. Cotton silk sarees are a mix of cotton and silk in different proportions in the blended fabric.

Cotton and silk are both natural fibres with good qualities of strength, durability, soft feel, light weight, Indians are airy and very comfortable. Sometimes people are confused about cotton silk and sico fabrics since both are made up silk and cotton. The difference lies in the lustre and feel of Sico sarees which have shine and are softer compared to cotton silk sarees due to the mercerized cotton and mostly pure silk used in Sico.

Enhancing Beauty Tips For Teen Girls

Every teenage girl wants to look her best, and being attractive brings more joy into their lives. In most cases clothes and make up are the two main issues in the lives of most teen females and Chennai Fashion can satisfy your desire. Being a teenager means being self-conscious and beautiful much all the time. And, if you’re a teenage girl, especially one whose skin, complexion or overall appearance is not perfect or enhancing, it makes the whole experience even worse. There are many professional beauty tips you can use, to make sure you look your best, and improve the beauty regime you follow.

Natural makeup

Many teenage girls do a common mistake of doing over makeup. In teenage, wearing lip gloss and a little bit of mascara is quite enough. If you are looking for a more dramatic effect for occasions, then you can try out smokey eye look. If you suffer from acne, using a concealer or a little bit of foundation is preferred, but go with liquid formulas, with tones that blend well with your natural skin color, or, otherwise, you may end up looking like a clown.

Best hairstyles for teenage girls

Dying of hair will be too early in teenage, so you can try some coloring shampoos instead, in order to avoid the chemical mayhem that the specific products may cause in your hair. Also when choosing a hairstyle, you should not choose an over-mature style. Layered hairstyles are recommended, as well as the bangs in your face look. You can also get more styles and fashions from teenage celebrities. And Women beauty parlour Chennai also provides you different hairstyles.

Skin care for teenage girls

One of the most significant features of taking care of your skin involves knowing exactly what skin type you have. The five basic skin types are sensitive, normal, oily, combination and dry. When you’re trying to identify your skin type, do a simple test in the morning with a tissue after waking up. This is the easiest way to tell which of the five basic skin types you have. To carry out the test, just unfold the tissue, and lay it so that the tissue covers your face. Then press it onto your skin, and remove the tissue to see what it reveals. As each skin type requires different care.

Clean cut clothes are the best style

Clean cut clothes are the best look for young girls; they play an important role in the appearance. The most important thing that you need to take into consideration is that your style is not sloppy or too glam for your age. In todays world there are many Women fashion website that tells about womens clothes and dressing.

Beauty lies in good habits for teen girls. Keep your skin, teeth, hair and nails clean, and do natural makeup; dont overdo with clothing and never forget that you are still young, and this is the greatest asset you have!

Pre Bridal Packages By Indian Makeup Artist Sakhi Beauty

Are the butterflies in your stomach going crazy as your wedding day quickly approaches? Do you have a million to do lists that seem to be ever ending, and actually seem to be growing each day? Not to worry, because Sakhi Beauty can help you conquer your beauty related checklist, and all you have to do is setup an appointment, showup, and be pampered until you get the glowing radiance every bride should have for her special day!

Wedding need to be planned well in advance for variety of reasons and a bride must plan for even more! Not only do they need to worry about the outfit, its color, and the Saree Draping Styles or dupatta, but they also have to think of beauty regime that must start well be for the actual wedding.

Sakhibeauty”s Pre Bridal Package is all inclusive of the various things a bride needs to get done prior to the wedding events. In order to prepare for the auspicious occasion, the bride to be and the cosmetologists schedule a few appointments to care of routine care such as a 3 step facial, haircut, and waxing of arms, legs, face, haircolor/highlights, etc. In addition, the bride to be is entitled to trial in which Dipti will do a “mocktrial” of the wedding day in terms of hairstyle, makeup, Saree Draping Styles, jewelry, etc. During this time, the perfect hairstyle is chosen, Saree Draping Styles is decided especially is she wants something unique; makeup is applied to mirror the perfect, yet natural look, for the wedding day. While saree draping seems to be a normal task for most Indian women, on your wedding day, you want to look different and unique! Dipti has been professional trained in India and knows a variety of unique Saree Draping Styles (or you can bring your favorite style from the Indian TV Serials!) Also, a day or two in advance, Mehndi (Henna) is applied to ensure a bold and dark color of the wedding day!

Henna Tattoos NJ are a big part of Indian occasions, especially auspicious events. Bridal Henna is usually very intricate and applied on palms, forearms, fingers, feet, and legs of the bride. Other women at the wedding get henna tattoos done as well, however, are not as elaborate as the bridal ones. Henna is a temporary dye and presents with a reddish maroon color. It is considered auspicious and believed to bode well for the new bride if the color comes out dark and bold. Designs are usually in shapes of leaves, twines, and other intricate designs. Nowadays many henna artists can design the face of bride and groom within the mehndi, as well as hide the grooms name somewhere within the designs for the groom to late search for in his brides beautiful henna.

The highly trained beauticians at SakhiBeauty are experts in both traditional Indian henna as well as the newer Arabic style henna tattoos. They have been serving a large clientele of who needs pre bridal make up Edison NJ, Jersey City NJ, Central NJ, as well as other part of the tri-state area.

If your wedding day is coming up, do not worry! Sakhibeauty will take care of all your beauty related needs and you can be assured that with your glowing radiance, all eyes will be on you!