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Yoga Magazine Honors Elite Serum In Fall Beauty Issue

It’s always nice to be honored in publications and earn awards, but when I read in the Fall Beauty section of Yoga Magazine that Elite Serum, the popular under eye serum, (one I’ve been using since last Summer) I was shocked. I mean, this company is admittedly a start-up, and they are getting awards on par with that of brands like Kinerase, Dr. Brandt, Skinceuticals, and others.

While I’ve had success with the Elite Serum, I’ve always wondered what other people thought about it. The product arrives sealed and air tight in packaging, but the company has only been around for a year and it doesn’t even send out boxes. When I inquired about this, I was told by company representative Doug Holliday that this was only an option in the few retail locations that carry the product. “It’s a mail order product at the present time, and why waste paper if it’s not going to be on display or ever used again after opening it,” was his exact reply.

I agree with saving paper, and some fussy customers have posted on forums I read that they are upset when they order a $100 product and it arrives without a box around it. While I know there is a level of expectations in receiving a product you pay a good chunk of cash for, it’s not the end of the world to have a decorated box that goes right in the garbage anyways. I posted some pretty strong opinions online about my sentiment towards people that get fussy over not receiving a box with their product, and basically ended my discussion with one frequent poster with an “agree to disagree” stance.

I was quite happy with the amount of time I was able to chat with Doug, who gave me a quick background on this South Florida company. They have grown leaps and bounds since they first launched with the Elite Serum, and now since they especially have other brands out there, they aren’t really “one product wonders” anymore. I feel special that I was among the first people to review this product, and the prestige and honors abound about Elite Serum are quite impressive to me.

Being known as pioneers for their use of resveratrol and the acai berry extract (for their antioxidant properties), EliteSkin, the name of the brand that makes the eye serum, has been well-discussed online. A strong marketing campaign that has included a good push overseas (Doug mentioned the Elite Serum is a HUGE seller in Asia) has led them to the forefront of the anti aging skin care companies out there.

Yoga Magazine points out several of the honors the serum has won, and praises it’s unique blend of cosmeceutical ingredients in the formula. For once, I feel like I was in on something early. If only the company could now go public!

Elegant Wedding Reception Venue – Thing of Beauty & A Joy Forever

Wedding is absolutely awesome and a moment of most pleasurable and excited experience in someone’s life. Deep-down, the soul experiences an unnatural rush of excitement and the fervor beyond the count of wordily expression. To make this intangible feel a memory of forever keepsake, a lot of prenuptial arrangements can be done including giving priority to an elegant and spaciously perfect wedding venue to convey one’s personality expression impressively. v An elegant wedding reception venue is thing of beauty conveying joy of such fervor that the memory carries the impression forever. Absolutely a thing of such importance requires being placed as the most prioritized thing into the list of your other priorities.

Preparation like choosing an appropriate theme necessitating formal or casual space for your wedding venue or choosing a jaw-dropping ballroom hall providing exceptionally fantastic reception areas based on your chosen theme, plays beautiful role into turning your much awaited wedding day into an experience of forever delight and beatification. .

While choosing an elegant wedding venue can certainly give wonderful delight to your guests, some suggestions for choosing a great wedding reception venue should be of great value-

Your first priority to choose a wedding reception hall should largely be concentrated onto the size of it as that is the only factor to cue you whether or not the number of your guests could be accommodated comfortably. This also factors equation of the mood of your wedding with the size of the hall you choose. Means, whether you wish to keep your wedding formal or casual or want to include sort of dancing program, the size of a particular wedding venue hall should be factored into consideration.

To consider every aforesaid narration will surely lend you an assistance of significant value. However, if choosing a perfect wedding venue still seems hard to pin down, you are suggested to consult an event specialist as an alternative to find best of wedding reception hall for your d-day.

The event specialists have wedding reception halls, party halls, banquet catering halls and wedding reception halls which are tailored to suit client’s need perfectly. This will assist you in a very helpful way as you will save time while your needs will be taken care of by your event specialist.

Choosing a perfect wedding reception venue gives you an everlasting memory of your wedding day. It gives your personality an expression of majesty and dignity. With having a helpful alternative as an event specialist, your concern for perfect and elegant wedding reception venue comes to a happy ending.

Meanwhile, Houston wedding reception venues or wedding reception halls in Houston at Pelazzio can also provide service of forever delight by arranging you an elegant wedding reception venue for your life’s graceful day.

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Tips to save money on beauty products And Makeup Accessories

We all know that in difficult times is very important save money whenever we can. For what I give you five tips super practical beauty products to last longer and make the most.

1. Keep nail polish in the refrigerator so that there is no viscous. If it became viscous, put a little polish remover in the nail polish bottle and shake well to dilute the texture.

2. Swap makeup with your girlfriends. It is a way to get rid of the lip and you do not like you’ve used very little, just scrape the lipstick with a knife or immersion in alcohol to sterilize. And if you have any powder eye shadow you want to exchange or clean the surface of the shadow or blush with gauze. This is an easy way to get new products to use without spending money.
Eye, completely prevents the exchange of eyeliner and mascara.

3. If you drop either the powder compact blush, Shade or sunscreen by accident, not throw it away. Put the loose powder in a tissue and then gently with the back of a spoon smack to a fine powder and put it in an empty jar and completely clean. Then you will have a new presentation of your makeup to use.

4. The mascara should be replaced often, preferably every three months, but do not throw the application brush. Desmaquillarte clean with your preference and use it as a neutral shampoo toilet brush set our eyebrows and eyelashes.

5. It is not necessary to make a cream blush saves money by using your lipstick as blush makeup tools With the tips of your fingers apply a little of your preferred lipstick on your cheeks and spread evenly in the same way you would with a flush and seal a little translucent powder.
One advantage is that the tone of your lips and cheeks match and you can save big money.

Colored beyond God, at Mathura- Vrindavan

Hallowed by the aura of Shri Krishna, Mathura resounds with the call of -Shri Radhe Radhe- wherever you turn your ear. As you pass through the lanes of the city, you can feel the augmented presence of Lord Krishna everywhere. You will breathe in the pure fragrance of sandalwood, flowers and incense sticks. At no point of time, this feeling will go out of your head that you are in the holy land where the most endearing of the Hindu Gods, Lord Krishna was born. He is fondly remembered for his universal charm and his mischievous pranks. Once a less known town transformed into a world known place of faith after Shri Krishna was born here and revealed the supreme truths of life to the world. Mathura- Vrindavan is still redolent with the music of his flute. Not just Mathura, the neighboring towns too still echoes with His enchantment.

Vrindavan, the land where Krishna was brought safely to Yashoda, was famous for forests of basil. It got its name from Vrinda (Basil) and Forest (van). This celebrated town presents a unified image of untold beauty and sanctified religious values. Krishna spent his childhood and adolescence on this land and thus this land carries thousands of stories of His romance and mischief. You recall all those stories that you have heard since childhood how Krishna stole butter, played with gopis and danced merrily with Radha. Thousands of devotees make their way through the busy lanes to offer their prayers for their most beloved God. There are hundreds of temples in the town but the most famous and also the finest temple of Vrindavan is -Govind Deva’. You can also take a holy dip in -Brahma Kund’ or -Govinda Kund’ which are the most highly venerated among the several sacred tanks in Vrindavan. Also, there is the famous -Braj Ras Leela’ where the artists portray Lord Krishna’s pastimes, games and dances with gopis. It’s an age-old tradition of the city and fun to watch. Besides the numerous changes that the city has vaundergone, Mathura- Vrindavan is still magical and spell bound in its own way.

Not only for its religious values and sanctified experience, Mathura- Vrindavan is also renowned for its unique celebration of the festival of colors- Holi! People from all over India and other nations too gather at Mathura- Vrindavan every year to witness and play Holi in this pious land of Krishna. People who act proper throughout the year say bye to their etiquettes and merge in the fervor of madness and let their souls free! It gives a chance to unwind them at the Holi bash of Brij. People relive the legends of Holi associated with Krishna and Radha and they also play pranks in the same way and enjoy unlimited. The underlying feeling of this fun and frolic was love and romance which can still be felt in the air of the city and celebrating Holi with bright and lovely colors in the love- land is simply a faade. Holi here is not celebrated for just one day but is enjoyed throughout the week.

This practice of playing with colors on Holi has a legendary story behind it. It is believed that Krishna was envious of Radha’s fair complexion as he was dark. When he stated his rue to mother Yashoda, she laughed and told him to color Radha’s face in any color he wanted. Krishna got this new mischief and colored Radha’s face. And since then, this tradition of coloring one’s beloved is still followed and enjoyed wholeheartedly by all.ll.

Loud music with Krishna songs, myriad colors flying in the air and people drenched in different colors creates an environment out of the world where everyone is lost in one unified feeling of devotion and ultimate love in the heart. Not just with colors, Vrindavan is famous for playing Holi with flowers. Petals of different colored flowers are mounted in large quantities and are tossed on one another. The unmatchable refreshing fragrance spreads in the air.
One interesting place for Holi celebrations is Gulal Kund in Braj. It’s a beautiful lake near the famous Govardhan mountain. Local artists enact the Krishna Leela and the Holi celebrations. It is so much enjoyed by the visitors that they too get immersed in the passion and get drenched in the colored water in the name of beloved Krishna.

Another famous place in Brij to play Holi is Barsana, the birth place of Radha. It’s a mock battle when boys from Krishna land come to Barsana and women beat them with light bamboo sticks. Boys try to escape it and the ones who get caught get beaten up by women, wear women clothes and dance in the public. In return, Barsana boys go to Krishna land and color the women with -tesu- flower color and the women beat them with bamboo sticks. It is thus also named as -Lath Maar Holi in Barsana-.

All in all, it is one unique experience to play Holi in Brij, as it is an unmatched fun and frolic and one should experience it at least once in his lifetime for sure.
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Ways to Reduce those Annoying Eye Bags

Eye bags make a person look older. How do we diminish those annoying bags under the eyes and get them to look lighter as part of an anti-aging skin care program?

Eye bags are caused by the liver’s cleansing process of the body’s digestive impurities. As you get older (especially in men and women over 40), you will experience more puffiness under the eyes because the body has less ability to expel these impurities, making your anti-aging efforts that much harder.

Here are a few anti-aging skin care tips to reduce any eye bag problems:

Try obtaining more sleep. The dark rings around the eyes are often a good indication that you’re not getting enough of your beauty sleep. The average adult human requires eight hours of sleep a night.

Drink at least one liter of water per day, preferably warm.

Cut down or eradicate smoking.

Avoid fried foods, red meat, fast foods, soft drinks, carbonated water, sugar, table salt, synthetic sweeteners, alcohol and caffeine, foods containing baking powder, and cold foods. Try not to drink liquids before retiring to bed at night.

Apply face masks over the entire face. Use cucumber slices, chilled thinly sliced potato pieces, or cooling pads around the eye area, for about 10 to 15 minutes, a few times a week. This will temporarily reduce the depth and dark discoloration of the eye bags. Lie on your back while doing this, and relax as much as possible so as to reduce stress.

Immerse cotton wool in cold milk or water, and apply to the eye bags by lying down on your back with your feet elevated higher than your head.

Eat more raw honey, fresh fruit, unrefined sea salt, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and drink vegetable juices.

Take a multi-vitamin and mineral combination supplement once per day or as directed.

Vitamin K as a supplement or foods rich in Vitamin K such as spinach, beets, and turnips, is extremely beneficial to reducing bags under the eyes.

Avoid allergens that trigger nasal congestion such as pet hair, dust, and pollens. Try sleeping with an extra pillow to elevate the sinuses so that mucus does not build up in the sinuses and nasal cavities.

Exaggerated eye bag puffiness in the morning can be temporarily treated by placing chilled table spoons on the areas under the eyes to reduce the swelling.

Try not to use eyeliner; rather use an eye shadow that’s similar to the color of your eyelids to mask the discoloration of the bags under your eyes.

Do not use exfoliators such as retinoid, alpha hydroxyl acid, salicylic acid around the eyes, as these could irritate the skin and aggravate the swelling.

Massage the area under the eyes. Use your forefingers, and firmly massage the eye bags using a small circular motion. By doing this as often as possible, you will minimize the swelling, lift the sagging skin, and reduce the fatty digestive deposits that have gathered in the eye bags. Do it at the bus stop, in traffic, in front of the television; you’ll see the difference in a few days!

Reducing eye bags are very important in your anti-aging efforts. Looking younger is a process that encompasses many things. By minimizing those puffy eye bags, you will be well on your way to looking younger than your years.

Towelhead-arabian Beauty

I learned three things while watching Towelhead the other day:

1. Alan Ball is one fucked up dude. Between this, Six Feet Under, and American Beauty I scarcely can think of a creator with a more twisted outlook on suburban life in America.

2. Aaron Eckhart is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors. He’s even good in crapfests like The Core and The Black Dahlia.

3. I saw more blood in this film than I’m likely to see in Max Payne. And that’s just sad.

Towelhead tells the story of Jasira, a half-Lebanese girl living in America with her strict father. Jasira’s mother is self absorbed and emotionally unstable. When her boyfriend touches Jasira inappropriately, she blames Jasira and ships her off to live with her father. Jasira’s father, Rifat, is a completely different kind of crazy. He’s strict in his rules when it comes to Jasira, but lax when they apply to himself. He openly slaps and hits Jasira for minor infractions. He defends her to others, then chastises her in private for the same thing.

Jasira is facing a severe identity crisis. Her mother practically disowns her, and her father claims to be looking out for her best interests as he berates her every action. Because of this, along with a sudden realization of how tough life can be in America for an Arab, causes her to latch onto any men who take any interest in her. She catches the eye of Army reservist, Travis Ruoso, who takes advantage of Jasira’s obvious desire to please the men in her life. Meanwhile, Jasira also starts dating an African-American boy from school, whom her father instantly forces her to stop seeing because “people will talk”. The influence of these awful people in her life leave Jasira woefully unprepared for the trials any adolescent girl is destined to face. She doesn’t know how to handle being called names at school. She doesn’t know how to handle the onset of her period, and her father is certainly no help in that area. He’s much more concerned about the cost of tampons than his daughter’s well being. And as stated before, she doesn’t know how to handle the attentions of the opposite sex. Jasira is a strikingly attractive girl who looks far older than her age.

I gotta admit I was struck by some of the reviews I’ve seen bashing this film mercilessly. The prevailing opinion is that it’s a film that feels phoney. A film that is more concerned with hammering home a message than telling a good story. I criticized Lakeview Terrace last week for the same thing. I didn’t get that impression here. The film has plenty to say about Americans and the way we perceive those that are different than us, particularly those of Middle Eastern descent. But I didn’t feel I was clobbered by someone trying to make a point. Travis Ruoso, who obviously has some bigotry in his heart, isn’t presented to us as a completely unsympathetic character. In fact, in some odd way I think he learns to appreciate other races when he falls in love(or is it lust?) with Jasira. There are some interesting developments between Ruoso and his son who is clearly following in daddy’s racist footsteps. Alan Ball mines some of the same material he presented in American Beauty with Ruoso’s pathetic, loveless marriage. Ruoso, much like Lester Burnham in Beauty, seeks what happiness he can find elsewhere regardless of the potential consequences.

Still, the best part of this film is the performance by Summer Bishil, who plays Jasira. She infuses Jasira with the uncertainty of your average teenage girl. She’s fierce when she can be, but terribly submissive at other times. Her looks of utter confusion caused by the actions of her father as he makes one ridiculous claim after another are priceless and ring true. She’s brilliant here, especially when paired up with Eckhart, who also does great work here in an utterly thankless role. Not so much the supporting cast, however. Toni Collette phones it in as a concerned neighbor who wedges herself into Ruoso and Jasira’s relationship. Peter MacDissi, who plays Rifat,isn’t bad but perhaps a tad too harsh for the material. I think the role is supposed to be funnier at times than he’s capable of bringing to the table. It always comes off as mean spirited, particularly the scene in the grocery store.

One last thing about the blood: There’s plenty of it. Particularly in the beginning. I’m not talking Jenny McCarthy in Dirty Love amounts of blood, but enough to quease the stomach. If copious amounts of menstrual blood ain’t your thang(and really, who’s thang is it?) then you might not be a fan of the first half of this film. My tummy did a couple back flips, I won’t lie. Still, if you’re into Alan Ball, then this is one film you don’t want to miss. You’ll be doing yourself a favor to see Summer Bishil’s performance as well. She’s one to keep your eye on.

Should You Permit Your Teen To Participate In Beauty Pageants

Letting your teen enter in a beauty competition turns out to be very advantageous for your child. Many teenagers witness beauty pageants and look at them as a special place where they can gain name and fame.

The greatest advantage in contesting at the competetition is the lucrative gift itself that might accept cash rewards, ribbons, trophy, eruditions, coupons, etc. Not to bury the special publicity that is received. Second, the beauty contest could assist them in better understanding about themselves and their stakes. Thus, nurtures should aid and direct their adolescents groom and endure them end-to-end the work on of the beauty competitions.

Likewise beauty, these contests also take in score the confidence and talent Nevertheless, the solely disfavor is that it might follow the mass media exposure that is not entertained by all. Though in that location are galore teens, who might relish it and it could turn out to be very lucrative for many who sustain an involvement in the entertainment business.

Spell but then, in that respect are a number of disadvantages too of granting adolescents enroll into beauty contests. The first disadvantage is the amount of time and money expended in attending and participating in these beauty contests. Galore parents lend their total funding to their kids interested in these pageants and don’t mind traveling to distinct places for the same.. On the other hand, these may end up leading financial and sentimental depression on losing.

Besides numerous people restrain away from such pageants traceable to the disbelief that these are merely accessible for beautiful and thin. This is in no case right as each adolescent has the eligibility to enter in a beauty contest. It does not count, how the adolescent appears as they have gross rights in enrolling whatsoever beauty pageant that is accessible for their age group. After all, the concentrate of the lookup is on talent.

These are only some of the advantages and disadvantages of letting adolescents get into beauty pageants. Parents should sustain in head, that if their child ask them to support them participate in beauty pageants, they should be allowed after counting the other affairs related with that special competition.

Shop Online Inglot Beauty Products In India

Every woman who wants to take care and pamper her skin needs to have at least a small collection of beauty products. With people becoming more and more conscious about their beauty, many beauty products companies are abounding everywhere and one such company is Inglot. It is a renowned brand in cosmetics that offers vast array of high quality beauty products. The main aim of this beauty product company is to provide its customers with outstanding personal service with a perfect blend of quality and value. Inglot offers wide range of beauty products like eye makeup, lips cosmetics, face cosmetic, nails enamels and treatment and accessories.

Inglot Company operates over 150 stores in Canada, Poland, Australia, GCC, UK and is further planning to expand in other countries of the world. With the latest internet technology, you can shop for Inglot beauty products online in India. Shopatmajorbrands is a renowned online shopping store where you can shop for beauty products in India. No matter whether you are looking for Inglot lipstick, Inglot lip liner, eye liner, mascara or any other beauty products; you will get the desired Inglot beauty product here. You must try Inglot lip liners and Inglot lipsticks as these are the most popular products of Inglot.

If you are kind of person who dont like to starve market to get your beauty products then going online is a perfect option for you. There are many online shopping stores that offer beauty products. Online shopping for beauty products has lots of advantages and the main advantage is that you can surf as many products as you like. All you need to make few clicks to check the collection of beauty products that are available at online store.

Shopping for Beauty products online will save you from the hassles of going to a store and sparing your precious time for beauty products. You can choose any of the beauty products at your own pace without the interference of salesman or woman. Online beauty products shopping is considered more convenient as all you need to do is sit in front of your computer and start browsing the internet for beauty products. Online shopping is considered a perfect option for the wise consumer as it helps to reduce transportation costs, less or no sales tax and less pressure to make a purchase as compared to shopping for beauty products in a brick and mortar market.

Trusting Experts For Your Beauty Needs

Beauty is skin-deep as others would say. However, physical beauty is definitely vital and equally important as the greatness of the character of a person. In modern times, if you want to be professionally competitive, exude confidence and self-esteem you would definitely resort to developing and enhancing your physical attributes.

There are ways that a person could improve their beauty. It could start with nutrition or bodily needs. However, a majority of people opted to go to beauty parlors and seek professional helps of experts who are masters in this field of beauty and enhancements.

There are so much advantages and benefits in going to the beauty salon. There are plenty of good things experienced by customers to prefer to pamper themselves in frequenting and entrusting their beauty needs and queries to beauty care professionals. Aside from the equipment and scientifically tested materials used to cater to our beauty needs, customers could also benefit from the expertise and advises of beauty specialists.

Beauticians as we commonly know them are people who devote a great deal of their time in intensive training, seminars and symposiums for the goal of perfecting their craft. Even some of the more privileged professionals are sent to other countries and renowned centers of beauty care to study and further their knowledge in this milieu. Accredited beauticians are trust-worthy, certified and proven to answer and cater to a customers every want and need.

Especially applicable to seasoned beauticians, we could also see how their experience supplements their exposure to the new trend in fashion and beauty industry. Experience is always the best teacher, so these beauty masters are definitely the authority to consult in this area of both health and beauty.

Beauticians are oriented to the goal and belief that customers always come first. It means their needs are of utmost priority and that they are committed to meeting those needs that customers have for the longest time. High percentage of beauty experts actually has the reputation of having good review and referrals from their current customers. This is a good measure that we should really entrust our concerns and queries to our trust-worthy beauty professionals.

Doing things ourselves could actually be more risky than we ever think it is. We may have common misconceptions; beliefs in myths that would endanger ourselves more than develop them. Beauticians on the other hand give reliable assistance and credible opinions based on a competent foundation.

In the competitive world of beauty care, many professionals would find the ways and means to upgrade their services and ensure customer satisfaction and even exceed expectations. Beauticians would assure us of the best service we could avail from this industry.

Beauty parlors and salon have the ideal of providing high standards; good quality and consistency of training by their hard work could answer consumers deepest desire and give them peace of mind that they would surely receive the service they deserve. Their experience of revitalization, refreshment and rejuvenation would surely make them go back for more.

Forget Laser Peels Needling Is Safe, New And Rejuvenates The Skin

Forget Laser and Chemical Peels
A new and easy to use home version of skin needling is now available and affordable and is more effective that laser or chemical peels.

Chemical and laser peels thin the skin as they burn the top layers to reveal fresh new skin underneath. The concept sounded good until doctors realized that over time and especially if performed on older patients, these procedures thinned out the skin which actually made aging skin look worse over time.

Skin needling helps to remove old skin cells and push any anti-aging product you are using deeper into the skin for even better penetration and absorption.

Who has the money to spend on cosmetic procedures? Now you can do something for yourself at home to help rejuvenate your skin and keep it looking its best. The procedure is called skin needling or micro-needling.

What Is It?

The small hand held device has 200 micropoints that are able to penetrate the pores of the top layer of the skin. These pores close again in an hour or so, however, during this time your body is able to maximize the absorption of the the anti-aging cream you applied, like copper peptides, to help stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

The best part is the rejuvenation process continues for hours even days after each treatment!
Dr. Phil and his wife Robin featured this product on one of the episodes on Aging Gracefully. Robin states that this is her favorite anti-aging too.

How Does It work

You hold a small section of your skin taunt, then roll the device over that section. Most instructions recommend 4 times in all directions up, down, and side to side. Each time you change directions you should lift the device and reposition to another part of the skin, the way you would use a rolling pin. This is so that you don’t dull the needles.

The needles put little punctures into the upper dermis of the skin which cause a wound healing process to begin and the stimulation of new collage fibers and other skin cells, like elastin. In addition, it improves blood supply.