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Acne Control Tips That Minimize Breakouts

If youre searching for acne control tips that can diminish acne breakouts with no acne medicine, medications, or seeing a skin care expert, then the following acne control tips may be the most important information you read today.

Heres why:

Ive recently learned that you can reduce breakouts by getting your body to rapidly digest the foods you eat.

Let me explain

If your body process foods at a snail’s pace, foods will start to rot and release toxins throughout your body. And once toxin level reach a high point, your body will start to eliminate it through your skin, causing your skin to breakout.

So what you need to do is make sure the foods you consumed dont stay in your system for more than 24 hours.

So how can you speed up the digestion process and prevent your body from releasing toxins through your skin?

Consider the following:

Eat in a relaxed and calm state dont eat in a hurry, watching TV, driving or eat while youre doing something else. This can arcs back your G.I. tract and cause incomplete digestion.

So in order for your body to digest foods completely, you must eat in a relax state by taking your time and eating your food slowly.

Dont drink fluids with meals Drinking any type of drinks with your meals will dilute your bodys digestive juice which are needed for breaking down and digesting food.

Although water is essential for detoxification, the only time I recommend drinking water or any type of fluid is between meals or when youre consuming something very dry (but only drink enough to help you swallow it).

Chew food thoroughly chew and break down the foods you eat to the smallest particles possible before swallowing. Otherwise chunks of undigested food will enter your colon putrefying and feeding Candida and other parasites which can lead to acne breakouts.

Allow food time to digest before exercising I recommend you wait at least one hour before starting any type of workout after consuming any meal.

This is simply because when you exercise your body directs blood away from your digestive organs and transfer it to your muscles. This will slow down or even stop digestion altogether. So just relax after you eat.

Avoid eating big meals for breakfast or dinner Your body goes through a cleansing, absorption, and assimilation cycle every day.

The cleansing phase occurs at night till morning. This is when your system clears out all the toxins that it accumulated from the day before.

The absorption phase starts from morning to afternoon. This is when your system absorbs the nutrients from the foods you consumed.

And finally the assimilating phase. It starts in the afternoon and goes on until evening. This is when your system assimilates the nutrients that your system absorbed. And take them to the cells and organs that they need to be.

Therefore, if you eat large meals in the morning time your body will stop cleansing and start digesting the food you just ate.

The same happens in the evening. Your system will stop assimilating nutrients to your cells and organs and start digesting.

Therefore, the only time you should or could eat large meals is in the afternoon. When your body is absorbing nutrients from the food you consume.

What happens if you do eat big meals for breakfast and dinner?

Your body will become chronically toxic, because your system did not have the time or energy to fully cleanse your body of toxins.

Which of course can result in more acne breakouts.


Discover The Beauty Of Uk Holidays

With the recession that continues to bite many of us are considering a staycation to rediscover what the UK is all about. After all, there is a good reason why Britain has such a large influx of tourists in the holiday season. We live in an area of outstanding natural beauty with immeasurably rich cultural and historic traditions.

Natural Beauty

Thanks to erosion the sand isn’t all overseas. Britain has a bewildering 11,000 miles of coastline, much of it unspoilt by large hotel complexes and tourist traps. And to add to the Olympic legacy, for active families, Britain has some of the best national parks in the world. Thats no overstatement. From the sparse and untamed wilds of Dartmoor to the breathtaking volcanic fells of the Lake District; whether its hiking, climbing, cycling or canoeing, there is something for every adventurer in the family.

Cultural & Historic Traditions

Yes so the weather isnt always brilliant. It can rain from time to time. This is, ironically, where Britain shines. Thousands of years of history weren’t for nothing. When the weather doesn’t qualify for time spent at the beach, Britain has an unrivalled quantity of castles and stately homes to explore. We have brilliant cities of cultural excellence in London, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Manchester where there is fantastic food, shopping, theatre and art to be tasted.


Not only can Britain offer many of the same things and more that an overseas holiday can, it can also be cheaper too. While Britain itself isn’t necessarily cheap, by virtue of driving to your destination instead of flying can save you hundreds of pounds. By car you are also free to travel with as much or as little as you want. No expensive baggage allowances.

This means you can take food from home if youre going self-catering and you can also avoid heavy rental fees by taking your own sports equipment with you. Driving also means that location is less essential. If you’re visiting a city, you can reduce accommodation prices dramatically by staying further afield.

The most beneficial thing to your budget is that you are a national. You are well aware of what is overpriced and what isn’t and are unlikely to fall into tourist traps or get shortchanged as a result.

Until recently, if you asked the average person where they were going on holiday, the most definitive answer would probably have been anywhere outside of Britain, anything to escape the cold, mossy, overcast rock we inhabit. But this has shown you why that stereotype is wrong and why the tide is starting to turn, back to the United Kingdom.

Page 6 – Natual Skin Care – Fashion And Beauty .com

Nowadays, it looks like men are more conscious of their appearances than mothers. The study of Science says that when we are young, our body produces collagen and elastin help to keep our skin tight. Due to old age, collagen and elastin reduce in our body and men get wrinkles in their skin. Presently skin care products males that increase your elastin and collagen levels are required.

As acquire older, pores and skin starts becoming dry. During this time, moisturizing becomes a very essential part of Skin Care. Any moisturizer when you have a bath will assist with lock the moisture while keeping your skin soft and supple. Generally caused by apply moisturizer at least twice for each day. Remember that dry skin loses it elasticity, which in turn leads into the formation of wrinkles. A moisturizer will also protect skin color from cold.

There are products utilize gentle 100 % natural ingredients that are affective against skin problems without being too harsh for sensitive skin. This is successfully done by using active things that repair the skin rather than only providing it with moisture.

Almost every one of the anti-aging creams close to market have a sunscreen, despite the fact that they are created for nighttime use. What exactly is the reward? As far once we know, is definitely real none and in addition they could actually do more difficulties.

Despite the above reasons that AHA should be used your market beauty products, like every other thing, you have a flip side to this as highly. In case AHA is suggestive of in right proportions it may lead to skin allergies and irritations. Ironically AHA is used to better photoaging damage but incase it is needed inappropriately always be encourage the same. Pigmentation scarring would be also the result of using AHA more as compared to the required quantities in a beauty product.

Being a refreshing source of vitamin E, use of sweet almond oil will reduce range and delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is wise to apply the oil at night, after thoroughly cleansing the face and neck. You are able to do it every alternate day, or even twice in a week. Almond oil contains natural antimicrobial properties, which help alleviate problems with the spread and involving bacterial infections responsible for acne, wounds or other skin problems. It will also help reduce and lighten liver spots and other facial blemishes. Its emollient property will rejuvenate and tighten your. It also heals sunburn and helps to balance out the skin tone.

Your environment has an extensive affect just on your skin, on the other hand overall health as well. You need to live in a safe environment associated with pollutants up. Please avoid cigarette smoking altogether as well as away from areas high is a lot of cigarette smoke in atmosphere.

Nano-lipobelle H-EQ10 is something that is absorbed using the skin to care for wrinkles. As well as minerals minerals furthermore used with these ingredients to assist keep the skin strong.

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Silk Lehenga Choli Is A Fusion Attire Of Beauty And Tradition

Lehenga choli is all-time favorite dress for Indian women. It is not a new addition in todays self-conscious fashion industry; it has its glorious root in ancient Mughal period which has extended up to todays splashy ramps, from designers item to bridal attire, and from a rural female traditional dress to gorgeous party attires. Everywhere Lehenga Choli has been considered as the tribute to ageless beauty where glamour, sobriety, and respect for tradition ooze out of the every fold and frill of the dress, be it a wedding ceremony or simple get together.

Lehenga choli has not changed remarkably from its ancient siblings; rather its gorgeousness has kept designers bewitched to change anything about this royal attire. This dress is comprised of three parts, dupatta, the choli is the blouse, and the long skirt is the lehenga.
What are experiments and alteration is done on Lehenga choli is on its fabric material and out of the wide array of fabrics, silk Lehenga choli still has occupied the best popularity stake for its glamour, gorgeousness, preciousness, and elegance. In fact the silk Lehenga choli is the carry forward version of old traditional attire: in Mughal era the fabric for this dress was silk and brocade prevalently, now the dupatta and long skirts are made of linen, silk, and fine chiffon etc.

Originally Lehengas were ankle-length ling skirts which helps waist around. The length of tribal lehenga choli varies from knee to ankle. While the mediocre people used to wear lehenga in the shape of ghagra choli and shorter in length, affluent people uses to get this attire in ankle or ground length size for the sake of elegant looking beauty and sophistication. Originally, Lehengas were all of umbrella shapes although presently these are available in different shapes.
Thanks to our fashion designers, some new looks on Lehenga Choli has been added and these have earned huge popularity between youngsters and celebrities, but for all the types and ranges, and shapes, use of silk has become more reliable and adorable dress material.

The most popular style of Lehenga choli is fish tail lehenga choli, straight cut lehenga, mermaid lehenga, Kali ghagra lehenga, circular lehenga, Paneled Lehengas, lehenga with flair and A-line lehenga etc. Where the conventional female dress of Indian village are mostly ghagra choli, women belonging to affluent circle of society and from royal backgrounds used only silk made lehenga choli made with heavy satin, natural silk, and sometimes they prefer to get jewel studded silken Lehenga choli with gold and silver embroidery with precious stones.

Silk made lehenga choli are mainly used wedding and as festive dress. There are different types of silk fabrics used in the silk lehenga which comes with heavy art work of brocade and ornamentations by golden and silver threads, studded with semi-precious stones. The lustrous satiny look of silk complements this fine artistry thus goes in tune with usual gorgeousness of Indian wedding a festive occasions.
Some popular designs of silk Lehengas are silken lehenga choli with zori embroidery, silk made lehenga choli with bead embroidery, silk lehenga choli with multicolored stone and zardousi work, silk lehenga with mirror work, lehenga made with printed silk fabrics, silk lehenga made with appliqu and patch work, silk lehenga with thread embroidery, and tie die silk fabric made lehenga etc.

Silk lehenga choli is a unique outfit which never goes out of fashion trend and attunes perfectly with colorful ambience of Indian tradition; it drapes perfect, can be at perfect shape for a long time, and radiates a natural feminine elegance of its own.

Six Arabian Beauty Secrets Every Woman Should Know

The graceful beauty of Arabic women is something that is admired greatly. Research also has shown that Arab females have the most healthy and youthful looking skin all around the world. Here are some beauty tips from Arabian women that will help you achieve a more beautiful you:

For optimal vitality and appearance, eat a nutritious diet

Most Arab women find that a healthy diet works best when it comes to looking and feeling great. Consume as little processed food as you can, opting instead for fresh produce. Food that you cook yourself is much more healthy for you than fast food, so whenever possible, schedule time to shop for fresh meat at the supermarket. This is how you can get the maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients to keep yourself healthy.

Get some relaxation at a spa

Many Middle Eastern women enjoy visiting spas regularly to take advantage of skin revitalization treatments. A spa is a great place to relax and reduce stress. They primarily utilize masks and steam cleansing for their body, especially in the facial area. In addition, they are convinced of the advantages of Argan oil for healthy hair and skin. Argan oil is particularly found in Morocco and is very rich in natural tocopherols-Vitamin E- and phenols, phenolic acid, carotenes, squalene, and essential fatty acids that help promote younger skin, moisturize dry skin, and repair dry and damaged hair. Due to the usage of Argan oil the skin of the women looks much younger, healthier and fresher than most of their age.

Stay inside when the sun is shining bright

If you want to protect your skin and reduce the effects of aging, you will have to give your skin some TLC. Arabic females think that it’s best to remain inside during the heat of the day. Heat from the sun can damage your skin cells and speed up the aging process. Should you want to go tanning, swimming, or you need to go out during high noon, make sure you wear sunscreen to protect your face and your exposed body.

Keep your skin covered up to be more protected

Women from the middle east usually cover up with clothing or scarves to protect themselves. You should wear protective clothing to shield your skin from the sun’s rays, dust and other potential harmful irritants.

Choose only trusted makeup brands to protect your face

Don’t buy cheap products when you use makeup. You don’t have to only buy the priciest products, but you should avoid anything that is low quality. High quality makeup brands are the secret to keeping the faces of Arabian women, protected, youthful and beautiful.

Plastic surgery procedures are one option for improving or restoring appearance

Arab women put much effort in looking youthful and attractive whether it be in using natural cosmetics or surgery. Most surgeries like breast enlargements, liposuction and anti-aging are performed on women who are celebrities or wealthy.

Try to stay as natural as possible if you wish to look as lovely and youthful as the Arabic women. You can keep your skin clean and protected by eating natural foods and using natural oils as cosmetics. If you opt for something synthetic, make sure it is high quality or else you might damage your skin.

Avon Beauty Center Organization Plan – Exactly What You Want To Understand

The Avon Beauty Center Commercial Strategy gives you a practice to appraise the profits involving the Avon Beauty Center, enhances the particular site decision process and provides a groundwork with regard to loan product application. Distributors can get paid several ways through a Qualified Beauty Center: retail sales via new buyers, sales brochure sales, enrolling, in addition to the halo influence of store profile and customer consciousness on an individual’s all around direct selling organization. Here are the indispensable elements of the licensed Avon beauty center business plan that is going to help you win new clients and improve profits.

Site Choices

One of the principal methods to push customers to your reseller enterprise is usually as a result of selecting your suitable location. Avon should approve the preference and can simultaneously guide you in deciding. An individual should really seek sites which contain 100,000 people within just 5-10 miles, demographics with 20% or a bit more women age 18-44, a at least 2 business locations inside your market area, and an average family income $30-50K. Take a look at your regional Chamber of Commerce for cost-free residential and population figures.

As soon as you have strategically placed the shopping center, you’ll really want to be able to equalize your business, charges, and also risks, through looking at your anchor store, occupancy rates, tenant combination, visibility, quality in addition to the amount of activity.

When you are contemplating a new space, take a look inside the physical arrangement, level of competition plus the lease contract proposal. A good real estate representative can usually assist you to assess the lease contract terms, your licensed contractor may propose improvements, also it can generally be advisable to make sure you have an attorney at law look at your choices in advance of your finalizing them.

Start Up Expenses

Each licensed Avon Business Center Owner is actually given the task of planning the space. There aren’t any Avon licensing charges at this moment. Distributors in good standing proposed by Division and also District Leaders and recognized by their own Regional Vice president are able to apply.

Items are typically followed in a Beauty Center standalone account and all products will be guaranteed 50% income in excess of expense. Candidates must meet the requirements with regards to Paymentech credit card processing.

Your 2 most significant regular monthly expenses will be your rent monthly payments as well as employee expenses. Promotion will be additional. Starting costs together with 1st month’s lease, legal certificates, insurance, cash register, bank card processing equipment, phone plus assorted items range between $3,000 to $10,000 dependent on rent amount. On top of that, typically the recommended starting arrangement with regard to kiosks is usually $15,000 customer amount. Avon gives credit just for 60/120 days for you to lower up front fees, and publishes a list of many popular products or services for sale.

Avon offers on counter signs, visible merchandising unit, testers, trial samples, selling tools, preparation manuals and training video, as well as additional start up supplies. Avon can simultaneously deliver a Customer Care Representative in every branch destination.


A properly trained, knowledgeable staff is really a main factor in the success connected with your own Avon Beauty Center Small business Strategy mainly because the workers are going to build your organization and develop a faithful consumer foundation. A beauty company consists of primary, transactional plus holiday business so it’s crucial that you and your staff have retail knowledge, fully understand your retail selling schedule, and also plan properly. Any retail industry company is without a doubt about purchaser interactions, lengthy hours plus good staff.

By including all the essential materials of your Avon Beauty Center Enterprise Approach in your advanced planning, an individual will be incorporating your important details which assist you to build and operate your own brand-new Center appropriately immediately.

Bizarre Beauty Rituals

You normally wont find fish or bird droppings at the beauty section of big department stores. But these bizarre cosmetic ingredients have been used by Japanese women for ages to maintain their smooth, wrinkle-free complexion.

Now, trendy, high-end spas are offering these ancient remedies to both men and women who are willing to try anything in the name of beauty. These geisha-inspired treatments are the latest craze and are taking the beauty industry by storm.

For several centuries, Japanese women made their own skincare formulas at home with natural food products and the trade secrets of their female ancestors were passed from generation to generation. It is these ancient beauty rituals and renewed interest in the once denigrated geisha that have been resurrected in Japan and sold around the world, said Stephanie Rafanelli in the Daily Mail.

For starters, how about a goldfish pedicure? In this procedure, hundreds of miniature fish eat your feet right before your very eyes! But dont panic. Were not talking about piranhas here. The treatment uses doctor fish or gara rufa that nibble away dead, scaly skin in a matter of minutes.

Several beauty salons have picked up on this trend, which has long been used in Turkey, China, and Japan. The fish feed on dead skin, leaving the healthy, new skin exposed. The result is supposed to be soft smooth skin without a hint of roughness, explained Amy White in

Your most unpleasant flaky bits will be swiftly nibbled away in 15 unbearably ticklish minutes to reveal baby, clean feet. So the only thing youre likely to die of is laughing, Rafanelli added.

If you have a strong stomach, get a nightingale-dropping facial at Haris Salon in London. This 90-minute treatment will help lighten and brighten dull skin. The birds feces were used by early geishas and Kabuki actors to remove their thick make-up. Prior to applying, the droppings were dried in the sun. This has been replaced by ultraviolet light to sterilize them. At 135 its one of the most expensive facials but customers swear it leaves the skin shiny, clean, and fresh looking for the rest of the week. Plus its odor-free!

Nightingale droppings contain an enzyme called guanine which bleaches and heals the skin, which makes it such an effective facial ingredient. This amino acid’s benefits have long been known by Japanese geishas and Kabuki actors. Even monks have used these droppings to condition their exposed scalps, revealed White.

Believing that beauty is not only skin deep, the Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic in Japan is known for its Etiquette Up treatment that supposedly purifies the body. This weird beauty regimen promises to detoxify your internal organs and make your feces odor-free. Your bathroom visits will be more pleasant afterwards. Did I mention this procedure is also good for the skin and eliminates wrinkles? Indeed, Japan is the place to be for pretty feces I mean faces!

Buying Name Brand Health And Beauty Products Online,

Purchasing all of your favorite nutritional, health and beauty products online is the way to go when it comes to our busy lifestyles. Now you can shop in the comfort of your own home at any given time without having to fight traffic, waste precious time and energy hunting the best price. Just with the click of your finger it is now possible to have your order delivered right to your door.

When it comes to purchasing any health or beauty item most of you know by now that knowledge of product is key to spending your money wisely. As you may know health, beauty, diet and nutritional products can be quite costly. Even the most seasoned shopper can become lost in a jungle of same products just trying to find the proper vitamin and supplement mix, not to mention the confusion of buying the right anti-aging skin care line. That’s what sets shopping online apart from trusting the advice of mere store clerks with your hard earned dollar .When you become accustomed to shopping online, it’s no different than frequenting your usual department store, just bookmark the page and your one click away from shopping for anything you can think of all in one place. Most well versed websites provide important information pertaining to products and services that they offer to consumers. Try finding someone with all the right answers just standing there waiting to help only you in a busy store. We are one of the largest health and wellness sites on the net today. We have become a destination on the web for all health minded people. The site prides them selves in carrying one of the largest brand name health & beauty product inventories from around the globe.

A Word of Advice when purchasing Health & Beauty Products Online

Browsing the net is one thing, but when you are looking for a particular article make sure you do a proper product search. When shopping for health and beauty products online it is wise to stick with a specialty niche site rather than shopping mega sites like Ebay or many people are just interested in making the sale. Websites like these are great for gadgets and technology but fall short on product knowledge and good advice when your health is concerned, not to that mention health and beauty products usually come with a guarantee and have a certain shelf life. A website that caters to a certain product will have undoubtedly more than one line of the same product for you to compare as well as offer you a good product review. For instance, when looking to buy a supplement of fish oil there can be over 20 different brands to choose from as well as different forms of the same supplement to be taken.

With todays intelligent internet shopper it’s now possible to book vacations, buy cars, bank online and specialty shop anytime day or night. most people think there is nothing that beats the convenience of shopping on the internet. Now with todays secure payment gateways most people feel very secure about shopping online. Other perks for shopping online is notice of advanced sale and internet only specials. There is usually free shipping offered by most sites and the convenience of returning it is even easier than returns to most stores. On line shoppers also know that they receive special discounts in the form of money saving coupons that are exclusive to the internet.

Next time you run out of your monthly vitamins or would like to try some new bath and body products, why not get on line and enjoy your shopping experience without even leaving the comfort of your own home.

Obsession With Beauty Royal Beauty Tips

Obsession with beauty is not something new in todays world. It is as ancient as time. Human cult has been in touch with beauty enhancing body rituals since ages. From Cleopatras beauty rituals to the ancient Roman obsession of using oyster shell powder as a skin lightener to Egyptians obsession of alloy adornments; beauty rituals are prevalent through generations across the world and differ from cultures to geographies. The disparate beauty obsession is carried forward from generations through our ancestors.

The ancient Egyptians are known for their sinful beauty, exotic perfumes, aromatic oils, weird styles and dramatic hairstyles. The aristocracy devoted much time in maintaining their appearance with a sole notion of pleasing the Gods of their time. The pursuit of external godliness was beyond personal adornments. Archaeological revelations of the excavated tombs and mummies depict that ancient Egyptians prepared their bodies more for the life after death than the existing period. The legendry Cleopatra’s secrets of beauty for fair and impeccable complexion reveal that she took bath in milk and honey to cleanse her body as milk is a good moisturizer that softens the skin and regenerates fresh skin cells and honey acts as a bleaching agent. It was believed that donkeys milk served a great purpose in this beauty treatment and many famous beauties of ancient Egypt like Cleopatra, Nefertiti, and many others had herds of this breed to yield in their beauty rituals. New age beauty gurus have come up with numerous cosmetic products based on this formula.

In ancient days Roman woman used a cream of refined animal fat and ground oyster shell to protect their skin and to keep their completion fairer, and the Greeks used yogurt as a topical beauty treatment. Yogurt rich in lactose, proteins, vitamins, and minerals was applied on the skin to treat sunburn and protect moisturizing effect. Ancient Grecians and Romans had elaborate and vivacious hairstyles which they exhibited with vanity. Their elaborate hairdos determined and were usually appropriate to their age, socio-economic class and their marital status. They basked themselves with perfumes and ornaments to look beautiful. Their concern or coercion towards the metal adornments was based on the spiritual belief of an endowment bestowed to them by Gods.

Ancient Chinese women had their own interpretation of beauty and makeup techniques. The Royal queens and empress used a unique type of face powder made up of crushed pearls that were either consumed or applied topically to keep their skin younger looking and free from wrinkles. The amino acids, minerals, proteins, and calcium carbonate crystals of pearl powder worked miracles for aging skin. And the Empress Lu Zhi, who was famous for her beautiful skin used Tremella fuciformis, a type of mushroom known for its medicinal properties. Skin cream made of snow fungus distillate was used as exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin as it had extraordinary moisture retaining properties.

Time has nurtured our knowledge on beauty rituals. With the new-age cosmetics can decide and choose the right type of products as per our texture of the skin. There are many good local beauty tip shows aired on satellite channels and often I tout the best beauty tips and secrets from shows on my television connected to Dish TV. The present day beauty products that make you look younger and more beautiful are more or less an inspiration from the practices of the ancient royal natural remedies. If you go online and do some researches by turning over the pages of history for more details on ancient beauty techniques, you may ponder in your mind that you are in a society more focused on beauty than any other events in history and that we get naturally from our ancestors.

Simple And Effective Home Beauty Treatments At Home

Women in their 30’s sometimes find that the glow they basked in during their 20’s is considerably reduced. This could be due to a number of reasons like a sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, harmful effects of the sun and pollution and the natural ageing process. While there is precious little you can do to fight the ageing process itself, you can bring the healthy glow back onto your skin with simple, organic and natural beauty treatments. All you need is a little time and effort with a lot of patience and persistence.

The best beauty treatment for glowing skin is to raid your kitchen for surprisingly inexpensive products that give you amazing results which are sure to beat out the best and most expensive products available in stores. Fruits, vegetables and leafy greens can be manipulated into myriad scrubs, moisturizers and toners with various permutations and combinations. Here are a couple of the best tips to make your skin and you, looking younger, brighter and healthier.

To get rid of blemishes, scars and uneven skin tone: Grate one medium sized fresh cucumber along with an aloe vera leaf. If you cannot get hold of aloe vera, the cucumber works just fine on its own. Cleanse your face with face wash and pat it dry. Apply the grated cucumber as a face pack and leave it on for about 15-20 minutes. Wash off with cold water. You need to apply it at least thrice a week for maximum results. The cucumber acts as a toner and moisturizer in one, hydrating your skin and working to clear off those blemishes and brightening and evening out your skin tone. The result is that you look brighter and fresher in no time.

Hair loss is an embarrassing problem for women. Fortunately, we can stop hair loss by applying a mixture of hot herbal oil and kohl onto the scalp and leaving it on overnight. Wash it off in the morning, if possible, with a paste made out of fenugreek seeds. You could alternately wash it off with a mild shampoo. Strengthen your hair by applying egg whites and washing it off after 10 minutes. You need to apply the hot oil and kohl each time you wash your hair, and the egg white application at least once a week.

Supplementing this beauty routine with an increased intake of green leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce, curry leaves and cilantro will work like magic to stop hair loss. Any beauty treatment will only work if it is done consistently. Stick with these beauty treatments for at least a month to get guaranteed results.