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Melbourne the City of Natural Beauty and Iconic Destinations

Finally you have decided to spend your holidays at Melbourne; the capital of Victoria which is a spectacular city of Australia. This amazing city is one of the finest destinations in the world where you can enjoy some great moments with your family and friends. The city represents an assorted mix of old and new architecture, elegant streetscapes, sporting extravaganzas, gastronomical delights, excellent public transport services, exuberant cultural events, ethnic parks and gardens and ethnic communities. All this make the city a financial, cultural, and administrative and recreational hub for visitors who come here from all corners of the world. So now you are one of them who have selected this. To be a part of this city where the calendar is always packed with events book cheap flights to Melbourne from uk and visit it.

Melbourne is a city that knows how to live. So forget what you think you know. Taka a chance, roll the dice and see where it leads as the city is blessed with myriad of attractions that leads you one after another amazing destinations and places which are exciting , creative , ever-changing and laced with extraordinary surprises.

If you are in Melbourne then there is no time for sleep. Begin your adventure in its bustling centre.The best way to explore the city is explore the way you want. For this kind of adventure, hop on and off the free shuttle bus or City Circle Tram. You will certainly lose in the hustle and bustle of Queen Victoria Market. Check out Southbank’s huge casino complex and do visit the string of restaurants, cafes and bistros and bars for some quick refreshment and must visit the star cricket ground of the world, the Melbourne Cricket Ground. What could be more unique than a gourmet dinner cruise along world famous Yarra River which is an unforgettable experience? Watch the city illuminated with lights on this three hour Melbourne dinner cruises and enjoy fine dining in the comfort of a cruising restaurant. The ever moving vistas and colorful lights will make the movable feast an ever cherished experience for its visitors.

The city is blazed with hidden laneways, opulent bars, exclusive restaurants amazing fashion boutiques, art galleries and museums that provides its visitors an opportunity to soak up culture, hit the sporting grounds, taste the dynamic food and wine, dance to the catchy music tunes till the dawn and visit the green spots to enjoy picnics with your family and friends. So book flights to Melbourne and do visit these exclusive places of great interest.

Forget you are in a city of 4 million people as the green spots in the form of national parks; zoos and garden bring you close to Mother Nature where you’ll surround with age-old trees, manicured lawns and abundant of nightlife that provides you much needed tranquility in the middle of this bustling city. The gardens of the city are home to a host of bird, animals and aquatic life and for this visit the internationally acclaimed Melbourne Zoo, the-state-of-the-art Melbourne Aquarium that boasts thousands of creatures from Southern Ocean.

So you are finally ready for all this excitement and for all this fun filled tour book Cheap Melbourne Flights from london and enjoy this amazing array of attractions.

Kundalini Awakening and Nuclear Fission

In nuclear physics there is a very important process paralleling Kundalini awakening called nuclear fission, in which the nucleus of an atom splits into subatomic parts oscillating at higher frequencies, and releasing the inherent energy stored in the original atom. The fission process produces free neutrons and photons (in the form of gamma rays experienced as heat), thus releasing a very large amount of energy as the original particle is liberated to a subatomic form. This division of the atom creates an exothermic reaction in which the stored energy inherent in the system is released into it’s surroundings.

The science

An exothermic reaction is a chemical reaction which releases more heat than it takes to create the reaction. An example of this is Thermite, which is a pyrotechnic combustion powder made from iron (III) oxide. When ignited with a 500 degree F (260 C) flame, Thermite undergoes an exothermic reaction in which sparks of molten iron spit out in every direction, burning as hot as 4,000 degrees F (2500 C), which is hot enough to melt any kind of metal.

The equation e = mc sqaured proposes the mass to energy relationship which is a fundamental principle of general relativity. This equation reveals that the more mass an object has, the more energy is stored within it. In the study of atomic physics the objects which these scientist are concerned with weighing are primordial elements, which are residues non-native to Earth originating from the Big Bang, and from the particles of ancient supernova explosions which occurred long before the formation of our solar system. These extremely high-energy cosmic reactions in space created elements non obtainable on this planet otherwise. For instance, there is no amount of heat or pressure naturally occurring on planet Earth capable of creating plutonium, which is the heaviest primordial element currently known to exist.

In order for fission to produce energy, the total binding energy of the resulting elements must be greater than that of the starting element. Meaning the sum energy of the parts must become greater than the energy at the nucleus which initiated their magnetic field. The resulting detonation from the binding energy at the nucleus, splits the atomic structure of the particle and releases the potential energy stored within. Fission is considered a form of nuclear transmutation because the resulting fragments are not the same element as the original atom, but now exists as subatomic particles with lighter individual nuclei moving at incredibly faster speeds.

Tantra and Quantum Field Theory

Beyond extremely dense elements such as plutonium and uranium, contemporary scientist have begun identifying dark matter, and the living colloidal field of zero point energy, which is a source of unimaginable power and energy; comparable to a billion times a billion tons of plutonium per one cubic centimeter of space. This living field connects and sustains all life and the expansion of the entire universe, as Albert Einstein once said “the field is the only reality”, implying that we are all part of a larger zero point energy, which is the source of all manifestations emanating from the eternally evolving consciousness, the Brahman of Vedanta and Sri Tripura Sundari of Shakti tantra.

Infact, long before western science developed unified field theory, tantra has advocated the existence of an intense field of energy flowing from one object to another at various frequencies and vibrations, with each individual being intricately connected to the rest of creation, in an intimate web of life. Now scientists are busy exploring ways in which the source of energy is stored in matter by smashing high-energy subatomic particles into protons. Similarly hatha yogis increase and direct their vital energy of prana to repeatedly “smash” against the nucleus of the nadi system, sushumna.

Sushumna nadi is the central pathway which the awakened prana ascends through. Sushumna is blocked until balance between the negative lunar tamasic energies, and the positive solar rajasic energies is developed, so that the third sattwic energy of fire, or transformation, begins to take over and flow. Sushumna is the spiritual energy which then blossoms and overrides the previous dualistic conditions of the mind and body. The ancient text on hatha yoga, Goraksha-Samhita, describes this process very clearly:

“The serpent power, forming a coil above the kanda (bulb), remains there while covering with its mouth the opening of the door to the Absolute. Through that door the Absolute can be reached. Covering that door with her mouth, the great Goddess is asleep. Just as one may forcibly open a door with a key, so the yogin should break open the door to liberation by means of Sri Kundalini.”

Tantra: the path of surrender Hatha yoga leans heavily on willpower and self-exertion, however, other traditions might find it disrespectful to speak of the divine Shakti in this manner, while others would disagree with the idea that one can strong-arm the Goddess and obtain her liberating grace by such impersonal and mechanical means. Such Tantrik traditions often lean heavily on devotion, and utilize such means as mantra, ritual, diksha and shaktipat to transfer a high voltage of prana from guru to disciple. In many cases, the Kundalini Shakti is awakened immediately at the time of transfer, the nucleus of the initiate’s being is given such a powerful surge of prana, that the atom of duality is split, and the causal vital power is released from within; rejuvenating and revitalizing the entire being.

Unlike Reiki or other such methods, Kundalini awakening is not an attunement or alignment, but a powerful activation of pranic energy from the very nucleus of your being; allowing the meditator to experience the eternal intrinsic qualities of satyam, truth; shivam, effulgence; and sundaram, beauty.

Although the means may be different, the primary aim of hatha yoga, as well as tantric sadhana is to awaken the dormant causal power of Kundalini Shakti. Kundalini is the potential energy latent in all matter, which creates, sustains and reabsorbs the life force of each living system. The latent energy of Kundalini exists not only in the human form, but within the nucleus of every atom of the universe. Recent quantum physicists have revealed that within the nucleus on an atom is a sound wave. Thousands of years ago the ancient Rishis described the underlying energy of Kundalini Shakti as being formed by light and sound; they told us that the entire universe is created by a tremoring vibration, or spandan, within the nucleus of the bindhu and emenates into existence as sound. From the sound of nada, arises the current of prana, or life-force, which animates all life and all living systems.

The sound of the cosmic vibration, is Aum, which is called Chitshakti, the energy of consciousness, and is at the primal root of each and everything manifesting in nature. Both modern science and the ancient seers agree, everything that comes into being is the result of sound waves which transform into particles and the basic molecular building blocks of which all matter is composed.

It is for this very reason that our latent causal power of Kundalini Shakti is most easily awakened through mantra. Only the divine sounds of mantra resonate at high enough frequencies to penetrate the nucleus of our being.

The glory of Kundalini awakening The awakening of this extremely high voltage of energy and the subsequent ascent to the crown chakra, sahasrara through the spinal passage of sushumna nadi is the experience of total liberation from the confining gravity of matter into a dimension that transcends time, space and form. When the ascent of Sri Kundalini Shakti reaches sahasrara, Shiva and Shakti unite into each other becoming a unified field of the highest potential.

Although many traditions only speak of the ascent of Kundalini, it is through the descent of Shiva and Shakti as one unified field of consciousness that the total regeneration and complete healing of the entire molecular structure takes place. As a result of the nuclear fission of Kundalini awakening, the body is supercharged with the nectar of unquenchable amrita, the orbit of the molecules within all the cells of the body actually speed up; and with all the dormant regions now fully illuminated, the brain begins to function at the subatomic quantum dimension of vijnana – the highest intuitive intelligence beyond the construct of the individual mind, senses and intellect.

Written by Devatma Saraswati. Please visit to learn more about quantum yoga and kundalini awakening.

Hair make up in Long Island like hair extension and hair coloring

Hair extension in other words is known as artificial hair integrations. Hair extension is the process to grow your hair or add length to your hair. In this hair extension process, artificial hair is to be incorporated in your hair to increase its length. These are very advanced techniques, which gives your artificial hair more than natural look.

There are 8 kinds of hair extension techniques. 1.Clip-in or Clip-out 2.Bonding and sealing 3.Fusion 4.Infusion hair extension 5.Micro Rings 6.Netting 7.Lace Fronts 8.Tracking

Nothing is more relaxing than visiting a salon and make yourself fresh and rejuvenate. Just stealing few moments from the busy schedule and make yourself calm sitting in a hair salon is so touching. Hair salons provide a wide range of services. One among those is hair extension. If you need a hair extension and you are in Long Island feel yourself blessed. Long Island in New York is the hub of world class hair extension treatment.

Here is the list of salons providing best hair extensions in Long Island. 1.Envy Hair Resort – Within 3-8 hours you will feel the difference in this salon. They use 100% high quality human hair. Bonds are totally invisible. 2.Salon D Artista and Spa – It is a full service salon that offers hair extension treatment with high quality service and materials. 3.Long Island Hair Extension – This salon provides the best service in hair extension in Long Island.

Another important and sought after hair treatment is hair color. You can find the best hair colorist in Long Island. Rodolfo Valentin is a very famous hair colorist in Long Island. It is an extraordinary hair coloring group in Long Island. Rodolfo is the favorite colorist of celebrities, stars and players. Rodalfo considers texture factor as the basic point of hair color.

Here is the list of some of the best hair colorist of Long Island.

1.Sam Brocton Salon – Long Island is another unique place to color your hair beautifully. You can avail advanced color at just $101. 2.Miss Jessie – This salon specializes in coloring curly hairs. But make sure to take an appointment before visiting there. 3.High Horse – High Horse is so popular that they didn’t care to create a website. There staffs are masters in hair color in Long Island. Long Island in New York is undoubtedly a fashion hub in US, especially in hair treatment.

Macy Busson is a hair color expert at Best Salon Long Island is New York best national directory for finding information on Beauty and Best hair colorists Long Island in New York.

Beauty Talk

Beauty is not only about looking good. In fact, it is about feeling confident and about having a healthy skin. There are a lot of makeup products out there. Some of them contain harmful chemicals that can make your skin age faster. So, it is really important to choose the right beauty and skin products. Here are some good beauty products you can go for.

1. Lipsticks

You can choose some best quality lipsticks to please your lips. You can go for a brown lipstick as this is a versatile shade. It can go with the attire of various colors. Maybelline offers amazing brown lipsticks that work as lip balms as well. These lipsticks keep your lips moisturized and beautiful. Check out this brands Sensational 817 Velvet lipstick online. This one has a crisp colour and SPF 15 that protects your lips from Ultra Violet rays. This one has pure colour pigments. Work from center to the edges for best results. Check out the Accessorize Love Struck intense colour lipsticks as well. Ideal for fun loving young girls, these lipsticks make your lips luscious and moisturized. They also make your lips shiny. You can go for Accessorizes Besotted Dinky Dainty lipstick if you want a pink lipstick thats not too bright. Such lipsticks will be ideal for teenagers.

2. Nail paints

You can pick a peppy yellow color and a versatile brown color. The former will be great for young college going girls. On the other hand, the latter will be ideal for regular wear. Brown nail paint will go with an attire of almost any color. You can also pick Color Club NYCs Emerald Depths nail paint. This one is best for night outs. It is a metallic blue nail paint that can help you to color block and look stunning on a date or a casual outing. Check out some pretty pastel color from Konad. Go for a pastel green color and wear it with a yellow outfit. You can check out all these nail paints on

3. Sunscreen lotion

It is very important to wear a sunscreen lotion when you go out in summer. Check out some popular herbal sunscreen products online. Lotus Herbals offers herbal and safe to use sunscreen gel. It comes with Spf-20. It is an oil-free sunscreen gel that comprises of babchi seed extracts, seaweed, aloevera and other aquatic plants. All these components protect the skin from sun exposure. This sunscreen lotion is ideal for oily skin. It is great for humid weather. It helps you to maintain your skins health and glow. Men as well as women can use this sunscreen lotion.

4. Dry eyeliner

Check out some liquid and dry eye liners online. You can go for black and blue eye liners online. Lakme, Maybelline, Colorbar, Lotus Herbals etc. are renowned brands for beauty products. You can use an eye shadow along with an eye liner to give your eyes a dramatic look. Jabong offers a wide range of eyeliners and other makeup products. You can find beauty products of various brands.

Amazing Beauty And Wellness Benefits Of Argan Oil

Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, sterols, carotenoids, polyphenols, triterpenoids and ferulic acid are the components of Argan oil. These components make the human body healthier, especially the skin, hair, and nails. Argan oil can keep your skin moist and healthy, removes stretch marks and other scars, helps prevent premature aging, moisturizes and repairs damaged hair follicles, enhances the strength of nails, and aids in healing other body conditions.

Scientists have proven the benefits of Argan oil for one’s beauty and health through their research. As a matter of fact, because of its amazing benefits, Argan oil has been called the “miracle oil”. Here is a list of Argan oil benefits that will make you look and feel more beautiful and healthy:

Keeps your skin moist and healthy

Argan oil is very rich in essential fatty acids and sterols that help treat very dry skin. Argan oil gives your dry skin new life as it moisturizes and penetrates deep into your skin. Argan oil can also help keep your skin smooth and well-hydrated because of the presence of triterpenoids found in it that protects your skin from outside elements.

Removes stretch marks and other scars

In addition to the protective element of triterpenoids, Argan oil also helps reduce scars. Argan oil contains a lot of Vitamin E, which makes it a great antioxidant perfect in keeping your skin smooth and healthy. Moreover, Argan oil helps remove skin marks such as blemishes and acne scars.

Prevents early manifestations of aging

Because of the components present in Argan oil, it acts as a natural shield, moisturizer and anti-oxidant which helps prevent the early signs of aging and skin damage. The Ferulic acid, polyphenols, Vitamin E content, and essential fatty acids effectively work as anti-aging elements in Argan oil. The oil keeps your skin protected and moisturized, thus making it young-looking.

Keeps hair hydrated and repairs damaged hair

The high levels of fatty acids and sterols in Argan oil also keep your hair shiny and moisturized. It makes your hair shinier and smoother, at the same time restores damaged hair. Argan oil helps avoid split ends and keeps your hair strong and protected from frequent exposure to heat and chemicals. It also helps avoid dry scalp that can cause itching and dandruff.

Enhances the strength of nails

Argan oil is also proven to make your nails strong and healthy. This is also the case when it comes to your hair’s strength and protection. Argan oil contains fatty acids, Vitamin E and sterols which help treat brittle nails and prevent them from easily breaking.

Cures other body conditions

Argan oil benefits your body in other ways too, aside from skin, hair and nail care. Polyphenols also serve as anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic components. Carotenoids can help fight arthritis, and Linoleic content increases blood vessel contractions which leads to a reduction in inflammation that comes with psoriasis, eczema and other diseases. Finally, Argan oil is also used to help soothe rheumatic and arthritis pain.

Argan oil has become increasingly popular because of its beauty and health benefits. With its numerous advantages, Argan oil has been mixed into different cosmetic, hair and skin care products, as well as with herbal supplements. The only disadvantages about Argan oil is that it is very expensive due to its rarity and takes time to process the kernel to this miracle oil.

Keeping Your Beauty Salon Appointment – 5 Reasons

Life can get incredibly busy and stressful. Things can come up all the time that seem more important than that salon appointment you have on your schedule, even if you’ve been looking forward to it for a long time. You might even feel selfish or frivolous to want to do something for yourself when work, kids, chores, travel and other obligations seem more demanding and important. You often leave precious little time for yourself and maintaining your hairstyle. But are you sure that it is a good idea to put your hair at the bottom of the list of important things to get done?

Definitely not. There are many reasons to rethink neglect of your tresses, and yourself in general. Stressful times are exactly the ones that call for a little extra attention to yourself for relaxation and retuning yourself and your appearance to give you a boost and some extra confidence when you are feeling frazzled. When all your energy and attention goes to other obligations, you will deplete all your energy so that there will be nothing left to give. This makes an argument even for unselfish reasons why you should keep your appointment despite what might come up. Here are some more:

1. There is no time like the present. This adage makes sense in many more ways than philosophical ones. We always think that we will have more time SOMEDAY but how often is that the case? Really, if there isn’t a disaster going on, then you may have more time now than later when it could be a much worse one for time’s sake. doing it now will be good for our schedule in the long run because you don’t have it hanging over you.

2. Ultimately, you will save time. This may sound ironic when you are so busy you can barely do the things that seem like emergencies. But ultimately, you need your hair done sometime. You can’t put it off for ever. And there was a reason that you set the appointment for the time that you did – chances are it was as good or better of a time to do it as any. If you wait and are forced to do it when it isn’t convenient, you may find yourself in more of a bind.

Also, practically, your hair takes you less time to get looking good when it is cut into a manageable style. You know what it’s like when you are overdue for a trim. You blow-dry it, curl it, and coax it into obedience but it just doesn’t want to do anything. You will spend your day having a fright catching yourself in the mirror and trying to do something about it. You then wait for your next appointment which will probably have been hard to get so you take a time that isn’t that great. Keeping your hair in its usual style, and keeping the appointment that you made when good appointment times were available, are ways to spend less time doing your hair and on your next appointment.

3. Ultimately, you save money. You have to do more involved things to keep a cut in shape if it has been a while. Particularly if you let perms or coloring go too long, it can require major intervention rather than a touch up.

4. That next appointment might be a long ways away. Particularly if you nabbed a lucky spot, such as a cancellation, or with the coveted best stylist in the salon, it might be hard to replace. How often are you going to get lucky again? The popular and quality places are hard to schedule with, so you may be risking putting off your cut for a long long time, and if you are already overdue, how much are you going to enjoy that wait?

5. It’s only the right thing to do, after all. Everyone has stressful lives. No one feels that they are the ones that can afford to give up their time. So your salon is probably going to get hit with a lot of such requests or even no shows. This is not very nice, particularly if it is a business that you are going to use in the future and that you value and respect. If the stylist is one that you want to remain on friendly terms with, it is going to be awfully uncomfortable to have left them holding the bag while you adjust your schedule but give them a kink in theirs.

Some companies even have fees for no-shows, particularly the very popular places that can afford to loose your business. And if you do it too many times, they will feel they can let you go as a client. Often cancelling at the last minute can leave the stylist with a slot that they can’t fill, and this means no money. It won’t be a popular thing to do. So do what you have to do to keep that appointment! Your hair, your body, and your stress level will thank you, and so will your stylist.


Get The Best Services Of Beauty Therapist Sydney

Beauty Therapist Sydney is the best option for women where she can avail many services in the field of waxing along with facials and laser treatments which are imparted at affordable rate. In Australia individual will come across with different types of beauty clinic where they will get the best treatments in every field including tanning and Microdermabrasion. Apart from that these clinic hire expert professionals who will be working in the best manner to satisfy the customers.

Areas covered by Beauty experts

The main areas which are covered by the beauty experts will include the waxing service which is given for both men and women in the area of male and female body along with face waxing. The waxing treatment is conducted in the best and comfortable way so that an individual will never face any kind of problem. In the area of tanning these experts will be using latest technology which is enriched with important nutrients along with vitamins and anti-oxidants which will helps the skin to glow. These services will give the long lasting effects.

Role of Beauty Therapist Rose Bay

The role performed by the beauty expert will includes the main services of microdermabrasion along with eyes, hands and feet treatments. In microdermabrasion Beauty Therapist Rose Bay will be using the latest technology which is reliable in many ways. It will help to remove the wrinkles along with lines under eyes or cheeks. It will also give the best treatments for black heads along with white heads and excess oil production on face. Women will also get benefits in the area of skin pigmentation and stretch marks. With this treatment individual will come across with shiny skin from the dull skin.

Affordable services

Beauty Therapist Eastern Suburbs will impart the affordable services in beauty care where an individual will be getting the services of eye care which are done in the relaxing and comfortable mode so that individual will be meeting the satisfaction level. For hands and feets these professionals will be doing the massage of your feet along with shaping and trimming of your nails. They will also suggest you some techniques so that you can take proper care of your feet and hand.


Beauty Therapist Rose Bay is doing the main work of waxing along with laser hair removal treatment. This treatment is conducted in the best and affordable manner by using latest techniques to reach at excellent results. Apart from that individual will be enjoying the best services in the field of eyes and skin care.

Supplies For Beauty Salons

In each type of salon business, the owner will find that they all involve a significant number of types of supplies. The efficiency, quality, and upkeep of those supplies can help a business function smoothly, and the expense can often have a great impact on the bottom line of the business.

There are several main types of beauty salons. Usually they include places for hair including cut style and color, skin care, hand and foot, tanning, hair removal and several others. There are a number of companies that provide supplies to each of these kinds of businesses.

The basic skin and body businesses offer products that include antimicrobial washes, pedicure and manicure and supplies, mineral and other facial masques, and paraffin and other treatments for hands, cuticles and nails. Those creams, masques, gels and other thins used on the body are supplied by companies excellent and quality companies including Body Drench, Theraffin, FantaSea, and many others, including Murad, Zia Natural, Burt’s Bees, and Dermagolica. Some specialize in particular types including American Crew which is suited for men.

Hair care involves a whole number of different types of products. The bigger supplies including dryers, setters, flat irons, crimpers and other pieces and styling equipment. Other excellent companies that offer excellent styling equipment are Helen of Troy, Hot Tools, Babyliss, Caruso, jilbere de Paris, Diana the Hunter, and Secret to Beauty. For discounted hair equipment, there are companies such as Supplies like dryers, clippers, capes, perms, hair removal and spa can all be sought at discounted rates at Beauty Deals, Iowa Beauty and Barber Supply, Cameo Beauty Supplies, offering a savings of nearly 66%.

Customers looking for hair removal, bleaching, or other spa treatments, the best brands available are Satin Smooth, TherabathPro, GiGi, Clean +Easy, One touch, The Melting Pot, and others.

Often customers come to get their makeup done and these accessories are important for many salon businesses. Brands such as Lipchic, Lip Venom Japonesque, Palladio Cosmetics, and Studio Basics provide those needs.

For general beauty supply companies, Iowa Beauty and Barber Supply, Sally Beauty, FolicaPro and Bob’s Beauty Supply are some companies that supply branded and quality products, and a large range of products is carried by Beauty Deals, selling the whole range of beauty supplies from all of the known and reputable brands commonly used.

Adding Window Beauty To Your Home With Window Blinds

What can window blinds do for your home dcor? Everything! When you have the ability to create the look you want with little expense and little effort, why wouldnt you consider window blinds? With wood blinds being a great way to give your home that warm touch or that I know an interior decorator look new window coverings are the way to go.

You can choose to highlight your furnishings with accessories and your choice of window dcor can be one of those accessories. On the other hand, you can make your choice of window decorating the focus of your room dcor. Let your window dcor play the lead character when your friends walk into your home. Why shouldnt your handiwork be the first thing that catches their eye?

Blinds can be installed easilyby yourself! You can determine if you want the blinds on the outside of the window frame or on the inside. Being given the choice to have the slats of the blind in 1 2 or 3 widths gives you the option of determining your needs by what best suits your tastes in dcor. If you want to go with a traditional window dcor or with a sleek modern lookits your choice.

With an exciting palate of colors to choose from its all up to you to please yourself. You can add to the dcor youve already selected and grown used to or, you can put your imagination to work and come up with a bold new dcor. A new dcor will add years to your home simply by the added beauty window blinds can give.

To add new window blinds, there are a few simple steps. First and foremost is to make your selections for the type of window blinds you want: the fabric, the color, the blind slat width and whether to hang them inside or outside of the window frame. All the choices are yours and it is your opportunity to show off your decorating skills.

Once youve gone online and ordered your blinds, theyll arrive within a short time, especially if youve placed an express order. If you arent repainting the room where youre adding the window shades to the dcor, you should clean the window frames in preparation. Before installing your new window coverings, you want to clean the entire window frame. This is especially true if you are going to be putting up a valance which is always recommend as it gives a finished touch to your dcor.

Youve already taken all the measurements and decided whether to hang the blinds or wooden blinds inside or outside the window frame so all you have to do when the blinds arrive is follow the simple directions. Youll be surprised at how easy it was and how quickly you transformed the dcor of your home with your simple and inexpensive dcor ideas.

When youre friends say Ive got to have the name of your Interior Designer, you can just give them your name and take the credit for the great job youve done.

Retain Beauty For Rapid Weight Loss

Rapid weight loss techniques that call for reduced food intake can increase your urge to binge eat just after you have managed to lose weight and reach your target. This leads to the formation of cellulite, stretch marks, sagging skin and hair loss and can make you look older than you actually are. Foods that have healthy fat content are essential for retaining the suppleness of your skin and maintaining overall health.


If you are looking to rapid weight loss techniques that will allow you to get into swimwear for the summer holidays or a short dress for the New Year party, ensure that you keep your body hydrated and your glucose requirements met with sufficient intake of food. Opt for fleshy fruit that provide you the carbohydrate that is essential to maintain high activity and keep you mentally alert. Discard biscuits, chocolates and pastries and choose this option. This will help you eliminate toxins and keep your system clean and your skin clear.

Dry Fruit

Dry fruit are an easily portable option to fruits that can be messy if you are on the go. Dry fruits aid your digestive system and provide you with a burst of energy while helping your internal organs. Walnut and almond are heart and intestine friendly and provide essential nutrients. Peanuts are high on protein and fat content and necessary for your mental alertness. Raisins, apricots, dates and small quantities of pistachio and cashew nut are good supplements to keep you fit. Do not avoid these food options as a part of your rapid weight loss plan since they provide you the necessary nutrition to maintain your exercise regimen.

Juice and milk

You can have a fresh fruit juice early in the morning in place of tea or coffee. Milk is an essential source of protein and calcium and is preferably had twice a day. A rapid weight loss plan must include these vital fluids to counter any nutrient loss on account of your reduced food intake. If you find that you develop a stomach upset because of milk, opt for soy milk or sprouted seeds. Some fruits have very high fibre content and should be avoided if they do not suit you. You will have to identify fruits that soothe your intestines and leave you feeling energised.


Almost all rapid weight loss plans incorporate a high amount of raw food eating. Our digestive system can, in fact, accept only small quantities of salad. Raw food salads must be washed in hygienic conditions and eaten fresh. A purely raw vegetable diet can lead to constipation and reduced nourishment for the body. Eat salads that provide protein content and have boiled vegetables as well. Boiled vegetables should be taken in higher quantity so that there is reduced pressure on the intestine to process the food and there is higher nutrient absorption. Some boiled vegetables like beans and peas provide high protein form excess gas in the system and lead to excessive discomfort for the person.