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Oxygen’s Little Beauty Secrets

At what age do you think the skin begins to feel a lack of oxygen?

During your 20’s the cells of the skin start to slow in activity, they experience somewhat of a oxygen starvation. . At the age of 30 the concentration of O2 is reduced on average by 30% and up to the 40 years, by 50%! This leads to the slowing of metabolic processes, and contributes to premature skin aging. Special skin care is needed at any age to combat this extremely serious problem.

I started using Oxygen cosmetics, nonetheless I havent noticed significant improvements yet. What else can be done to improve my skin health and youthfulness?

There are many things that can be done to help. For example, in skin care its crucial to maintain the oxygen balance. The higher the level of oxygen in the body, the greater the quantity can be used to maintain the beauty and skin health. I highly recommend combining makeup procedures with healthy sleep, hiking in the fresh air, and usage of oxygen cocktails.

Do we need additional oxygen for our skin? After all, we always get it from the atmosphere.

We no more than get a small percent of oxygen through the skin. And that amount alone is very hard for the skin to absorb. Besides, using make-up forms another barrier that makes it harder for oxygen to get in. Add in stresses, bad habit and these lead to the point when the skin starts to suffocate. Cells just dont have character to renew quick adequate and assimilate all the active substances that are supplied to them through the air we breathe. The results of oxygen deficit are dryness, wrinkles and a dull complexion. It is possible to improve the situation with the help of beauty salons procedures, or using the right type cosmetics. Use the range of makeup according your skin type and use it as recommended.