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Different Types Of Electronic Beauty Products

There are many beauty products which have been introduced by a plethora of different companies. These beauty care products are of different prices, but you cannot try them all because some of these are not good enough when it comes to proper functioning. Many of the beauty products offered by Panasonic are considered to be great both in terms of function and cost. You will be surprised once you see prices of the beauty products in India and then see the efficiency with which these work. Given below is a list of beauty products by Panasonic:

1.Heated Eyelash Curler: The Panasonic EH- SE60VP eyelash curler is a great gadget. You can have your eyelashes curled for a really long time without any sort of extensions or mascara applied. It gives your eyelashes a 360 degree curve with the help of many brushes and the comb which curves them. You get voluminous and long eyelashes without the use of any artificial product.

2.Precision Body Shaver: Panasonic EH-WR40VP body shaver has proved to be a great companion for all those women who need a finishing before they get out of their houses. This gadget has many extremely thin blades along with a rotating head which providesa very close shave on all parts of the body and also it makes sure that there are no cuts left on your body afterwards. This gadget is designed in a way that you can use it without water. You must have this precision body shaver if you want smooth skin.

3.Hair Trimmer for your Face: The ER GN25VP hair trimmer for face is all you need if you have the problem of facial hair. These hair grow on your face very quickly and you might need to trim them every day. You need not worry with this particular gadget in your life. It will help you get smooth and clean skin in no time.With this device you can even get rid of the annoying hair onyour eyebrows and your upper lips. With the facial hair trimmer you no longer have to worry about getting a close up as you will be ready all the time.

These beauty care products by Panasonic are quitecheap. They are quite affordable and they can also be very helpful. As they are portable and have no weight so you can take them with you can look beautiful whenever you want to.


Doomdooma.. Land Of Tea And Beauty…

Assam, with its beautiful smiling Tea Gardens, along the Brahmaputra and Barak valleys to produce 400 million kilograms of tea annually. Tea is known as a natural “miracle cure”. Assam is the birthplace of Indian tea with the highest quality tea to customers around the world with a rich aroma and flavor that will restore your senses bring the best selection of famous tea gardens of Assam for the rich. Assam, with the green and Oxbow lakes provide the region with hydro-person environment. We geomorphology and aesthetic offers a wide range of tea cultivation, improving the quality and taste. Assam tea is known for its freshness, taste malt and strong color with perfect balance. Created by his hand, leaving doomdooma teas are full-body and have subtle but complex characters. Teas are artfully blended to match your lifestyle and soothe your soul. Once a small, twisted and torn leaves of Organic Assam Breakfast with their empire, the result is an excellent breakfast tea. Liqueur is a clear mahogany, which provides a wonderful sweet and spicy. Taste is the perfect balance of freshness, strength, body and strength, which Organic Assam an ideal breakfast every morning. Each race is a great extension and relaxation, is considered a kind of art. As Assam teas have a strong taste and a bold drink English as “Breakfast Tea” and usually drink with milk. Tea is an integral part of everyday social life in many of the world’s most populous country. Tea has the most popular drink for Swath people in the world.

Assam tea is not restricted to the Indian sub-continent, but is exported to all corners of the world as a breakfast tea. On both sides of the river, rolling plains is one of the world’s largest tea-growing areas with the highest yield per acre. Immaculately pruned tea bushes covering 2,16,200 hectares, growing more than 360 million kg. Tea is the common scientific name of the plant Camellia sinensis. Was grown in China and the Asian region for thousands of years, and today, tea is the second most popular beverage, served hot and cold. Tea is the most popular beverage in the world in terms of consumption. Its consumption is the same for all other beverages produced in the world. India is the world’s largest tea-drinking nation, even
though per capita consumption of tea remains a modest 750 grams per person per year. Assam Tea offers a wide and exotic gourmet coffee flavors to fit any mood and occasion. We geomorphology and aesthetic offers
a wide range of tea cultivation, improving the quality and taste.

We are trying to spread the best quality tea to customers around the world as a result of a major demand of the product on the market. Our process of the qualitative level of tea from the tea gardens of Assam preserved. The topography of the state their juicer and take the leaves are thicker than the other guy. The right blend of pure gold leaf Assam tea shows a strong red and cream tea with the rich fragrance refreshes your senses. Our range is recognized worldwide for its rich flavor and aroma and is a good organic tea.
Specially packed our variety of Assam tea is available in industry leading prices Our premium tea blends are made of a safe herb to Organic Assam tea, green tea, black tea, herbal tea, Tulsi multi-herbs, aromatic
herbs tea, red tea, natural sweeteners, anti diabetics Tea Stress Tea, tea for coughs, leaves against fatigue, tea, tea for constipation, anti-gas-tea, tea, appetizer, Assam orthodox tea, Red tea, Assam tea and green Tea in the field of medical tests of taste and respect for the complex malt flavors. We offer tea, a tea to promote safe weight loss without the negative effects of a crash diet. It is prescribed for patients of all ages who are trying. Each race is a wonderful extension and relaxation, be regarded as the common and scientific names of the form of infusions. Today, tea is the most popular drink second of which was hot and cold. The four types of tea: black tea, a popular and well known, Oolong tea, green tea, white-hot. Organically produced in the famous region of Assam, Assam tea is the world’s leading
manufacturer of premium tea leaves and botanicals known that you have tasted a cup of tea like no other before you deliver. Teas are artfully blended to fit your lifestyle and dangle the soul. Each race is a great extension and relaxation, is regarded as an art form.

Once the small, twisted and torn leaves of Organic Assam Breakfast with their empire, the result is a brilliant breakfast cup of tea. The liquor is a light mahogany, which gives a wonderfully sweet and spicy flavor. The flavor is the perfect balance of playfulness, strength, body and strength, so that bio-Assam an ideal breakfast every morning was picked by hand, doomdooma tea leaves are full-bodied and has a subtle but complex characters. Created hand-picked, doomdooma tea leaves are full and have subtle but complex
characters. Assam teas to drink as a strong flavor and gutty, the English call it “Breakfast Tea” and drink usually with milk. Assam tea is not restricted to the Indian subcontinent, but in all parts of the world will be exported as a breakfast tea.

Colored beyond God, at Mathura- Vrindavan

Hallowed by the aura of Shri Krishna, Mathura resounds with the call of -Shri Radhe Radhe- wherever you turn your ear. As you pass through the lanes of the city, you can feel the augmented presence of Lord Krishna everywhere. You will breathe in the pure fragrance of sandalwood, flowers and incense sticks. At no point of time, this feeling will go out of your head that you are in the holy land where the most endearing of the Hindu Gods, Lord Krishna was born. He is fondly remembered for his universal charm and his mischievous pranks. Once a less known town transformed into a world known place of faith after Shri Krishna was born here and revealed the supreme truths of life to the world. Mathura- Vrindavan is still redolent with the music of his flute. Not just Mathura, the neighboring towns too still echoes with His enchantment.

Vrindavan, the land where Krishna was brought safely to Yashoda, was famous for forests of basil. It got its name from Vrinda (Basil) and Forest (van). This celebrated town presents a unified image of untold beauty and sanctified religious values. Krishna spent his childhood and adolescence on this land and thus this land carries thousands of stories of His romance and mischief. You recall all those stories that you have heard since childhood how Krishna stole butter, played with gopis and danced merrily with Radha. Thousands of devotees make their way through the busy lanes to offer their prayers for their most beloved God. There are hundreds of temples in the town but the most famous and also the finest temple of Vrindavan is -Govind Deva’. You can also take a holy dip in -Brahma Kund’ or -Govinda Kund’ which are the most highly venerated among the several sacred tanks in Vrindavan. Also, there is the famous -Braj Ras Leela’ where the artists portray Lord Krishna’s pastimes, games and dances with gopis. It’s an age-old tradition of the city and fun to watch. Besides the numerous changes that the city has vaundergone, Mathura- Vrindavan is still magical and spell bound in its own way.

Not only for its religious values and sanctified experience, Mathura- Vrindavan is also renowned for its unique celebration of the festival of colors- Holi! People from all over India and other nations too gather at Mathura- Vrindavan every year to witness and play Holi in this pious land of Krishna. People who act proper throughout the year say bye to their etiquettes and merge in the fervor of madness and let their souls free! It gives a chance to unwind them at the Holi bash of Brij. People relive the legends of Holi associated with Krishna and Radha and they also play pranks in the same way and enjoy unlimited. The underlying feeling of this fun and frolic was love and romance which can still be felt in the air of the city and celebrating Holi with bright and lovely colors in the love- land is simply a faade. Holi here is not celebrated for just one day but is enjoyed throughout the week.

This practice of playing with colors on Holi has a legendary story behind it. It is believed that Krishna was envious of Radha’s fair complexion as he was dark. When he stated his rue to mother Yashoda, she laughed and told him to color Radha’s face in any color he wanted. Krishna got this new mischief and colored Radha’s face. And since then, this tradition of coloring one’s beloved is still followed and enjoyed wholeheartedly by all.ll.

Loud music with Krishna songs, myriad colors flying in the air and people drenched in different colors creates an environment out of the world where everyone is lost in one unified feeling of devotion and ultimate love in the heart. Not just with colors, Vrindavan is famous for playing Holi with flowers. Petals of different colored flowers are mounted in large quantities and are tossed on one another. The unmatchable refreshing fragrance spreads in the air.
One interesting place for Holi celebrations is Gulal Kund in Braj. It’s a beautiful lake near the famous Govardhan mountain. Local artists enact the Krishna Leela and the Holi celebrations. It is so much enjoyed by the visitors that they too get immersed in the passion and get drenched in the colored water in the name of beloved Krishna.

Another famous place in Brij to play Holi is Barsana, the birth place of Radha. It’s a mock battle when boys from Krishna land come to Barsana and women beat them with light bamboo sticks. Boys try to escape it and the ones who get caught get beaten up by women, wear women clothes and dance in the public. In return, Barsana boys go to Krishna land and color the women with -tesu- flower color and the women beat them with bamboo sticks. It is thus also named as -Lath Maar Holi in Barsana-.

All in all, it is one unique experience to play Holi in Brij, as it is an unmatched fun and frolic and one should experience it at least once in his lifetime for sure.
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Online Shopping For Beauty Products And Makeup Kit In India

It is important for women to buy the quality and branded beauty products if they want to maintain and enhance their looks. If you want to buy quality beauty products then you can consider Inglot brand. You can shop Inglot beauty products and make up kit online. The internet is considered as the best place to come across the best collection of Inglot beauty products and make up kit. There are score of online stores that offer great collections of Inglot beauty products. You can sit at the comfort of your own home and order Inglot beauty products within a few minutes. There are many benefits of online shopping in India for beauty products. This is why more and more women now prefer to go online to shop beauty products rather than the local stores.

Compared to the local stores, you can find more variety in beauty products and make up kits online. This way you will be able to select more effectively as you have scores of options to choose from. No matter whatever beauty products you are looking for, you will get unlimited choice online.

While shopping beauty products online you will find products reviews to help you decide which product is right for you. Therefore buying beauty products online is much more beneficial than getting them from the traditional stores.

Buying beauty products on the internet is more time saving than getting them from the local stores. With a few click you can explore hundred of beauty products, lipstick shades and make up kids which is definitely not possible in case of traditional shopping. When doing online shopping in India, you can save considerable amount of money. Online stores often sell beauty products at great discounts to attract more customers.

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Online Shopping For Beauty Products In India

Nowadays, online shopping is in great trend and has become an important part in the life of every individual in India. There are many people in India who are going online for shopping. Online shopping gives opportunity to shop at convenience of their own home, offers wide range of products to choose from and save time as well. Online shopping is considered as a smarter way to spend your hard earned money. There are many e commerce sites that are available on internet to shop from, however not all websites are safe for shopping. is secure and easy way to shop online. At, you will get wide range of products at great prices. is an exciting e commerce site offering the latest in cosmetics and beauty products and many more products at great prices. Here you will get wide range of beauty products ranging from eye liner to eye makeup products, lip liner , face products and many such products. The beauty products that are available at is of renowned brand named Inglot. is committed to offer a truly remarkable online shopping experience to its customers. Here you will find matchless collection of beauty products from Inglot which is one of the leading brands. Inglot is known to provide high quality branded cosmetic products at affordable prices. The aim of Inglot is to provide outstanding make up products for customers with a great combination of quality and value.

If you are looking for some quality cosmetics to pamper your skin then you are at a right place. At Shopatmajorbrands you will get everything that one requires to care for skin. Inglot beauty products are really good and promise to make you look more beautiful. Shopatmajorbrands assure you best brands, best service, best prices and best collection of beauty products.

Nowadays Internet has made shopping easier for human beings. Lots of people are preferring online shopping these days as it not only help them to save time but also offer wide range of products to choose from. The beauty care products at Shopatmajorbrands bring you an opportunity to pamper your skin with top brand beauty products that are available at great rates here. With the wide range of beauty products that are available here, youll definitely get the desired beauty product of high quality and great value.

The Ultimate Beauty Of Kashmir- Kani Shawls

The history of Kashmir shawls has always been a matter of romance for centuries. While the Kani shawls of Kashmir have been well researched, their unique weaving and fine needlework celebrated, an important role and major contribution of traditional caretakers in the maintenance of these precious shawls by highly intricate and laborious work of preservation, restoration and renewal, has yet to be recognized
The intricately designed woolen pashmina Kani Jamawar shawls made in tapestry technique in twill weave came from Central Asia to India along with Islam and got further refined by local cultural mores, pushing the technique to its creative limit; in a certain process of appropriation and acculturation of more than five centuries.
The production of these shawls has almost become extinct. The socio- cultural condition that made it possible has changed. Normal production of these pieces is not possible any more. It is precisely the high value of these Pashmina shawls, virtually extinct led to rescuing these pieces from further destruction by ways of mending and reusing them. Now a days these kani Jamawars have been replaced by Pashmina Jamawars. Jamavar is a meticulous kind of shawl which is made in Kashmir and is one the most eye-catching shawls. The word Jama indicates robe and the word war means yard. It is so named as the Kings used to buy the woven fabric in yard and used to wear it as a shawl or wrap it around. Shawl cloth or long shawl is the trade name for Jamavar. The brilliant designs and the colors of Jamavar are quite impressionable because of which they are in massive demand. Usually the base of the Jamavar is wool with little addition of cotton. The spectrum of Jamavar shawls is very wide as these are put to innovation many times and a new, more exquisite piece if work is produced each time. Jamavar Shawls have a long history of excellence in designs, patterns and colors. These Shawls and Stoles have been knitted with the utmost care to create a quality of international standard. Jamavar shawls here are available in a enormous range of patterns, colors, fabrics and designs. Mostly the designs of Jamavar are floral; Jamavars are the traditional shawls which are more striking than the Pashmina shawls.

The Kani shawls are woven with special woolen needles called Kanis in Kashmiri, hence the name Kani shawls. Made by special weaving techniques one Kani shawl takes at least a year or two to make depending on the design. It is virtually a piece of art woven into a shawl. These exquisite Kani shawls have been a favourite of Mughal emperors. These shawls owing to heir extraordinary beauty and time consuming making the process very exclusive as well as quite expensive, purchased mostly by the very affluent. Over the years by the early 20th century the production of these shawls became a thing of the past. Attempts were made to revive the Kani shawls making but did not yield desired results. It was Hashmat whose persistence and enterprise finally revived this long lost fabulous shawl making art and by the mid-1990s the Kani shawls started reappearing in the market. Had it not been for Hashmat’s efforts the resplendent Kani shawls would have remained a part of history and confined to the few pieces in museums or owned by affluent private collectors.

Travel To India – India Tour Offer Heavenly Beauty

Travel To India known as simply India, it is one of the most important tourism destinations in India with myriad range of tourist attractions and everlasting scenic beauty. Set like a gem on the map of India, it is a vibrant diamond which changes its colors with the seasons to seasons – always lavishly beautiful – always able to steal the hearts of visitors. Mind-boggling scenic beauty, snow-capped mountain peaks, fruit laden orchards, green carpeted gorgeous meadows, beautiful hills, chatty waterfalls, lovely lakes, scenic trekking trails, lively valleys, gorgeous gardens, picturesque locations, postcard-perfect landscapes, etc all are in India to create a memorable holiday experience. Rightly, India is called as the “Paradise on the Earth”.

Travel To India is a land where myriad holiday and tourism ideas are realized. In winter when snow carpets mountains, there are many options for winter sports like skiing, ice-skating, tobogganing, sledge-riding, heli-skiing, ice-hockey, etc. And exploring fascinating places and sightseeing in winter is too exhilarating and memorable experience. It seems you are in a heaven where nature cares and treats you. In spring and summer, tourists can enjoy awesome charm of tourism. Honey-dewed orchards, lily-laden lovely lakes, blue skies, gorgeous gardens (Shalimar Bagh and Nishat Bagh), flower carpeted meadows, gorgeous valleys with colorful flowers, etc all are to enhance the charm of India tourism.

Travel To India, Pahalgam, Sonmarg, and Ladakh region are some of important places to visit on tour to Jammu and India. These are destinations where tourists find golden opportunity to enjoy awesome tourism and explore endless scenic beauty with lots of adventure and sport activities. Gulmarg is internationally famous for winter sports. It has skiing slopes which is often compared to slopes of Canada and Switzerland. Pahalgam is a shepherds’ village with breathtaking views. Due to superb science beauty it has been the location of several bollywood movie scenes. Sonmarg with scenic beauty is the base of a major trek that passes through several mountain lakes and scenic landscapes. These destinations are attractions of many package tours to India, India.

Travel To India is perhaps the most preferred tourist destination in India. It is known for scenic beauty with gorgeous gardens, lovely lakes, colorful meadows and several religious shrines. Many tourists are attracted to India by the charm of staying on luxurious houseboat in lily-laden lovely lakes of Srinagar. India houseboat tour provides wonderful accommodation facilities in a luxury houseboat with unique experience of living on the water enjoying facilities like luxury hotels. Dal Lake and Nagin Lake are beautiful lakes in Srinagar. A Shikara in Srinagar is also a cheerful experience. Experiencing the surrounding panorama is made spectacular when travelled on a traditional houseboat in India.

Travel To India is another attraction of India tourism. It is the very distinct region of the state. It is known as cold desert. It is the land not anywhere in the world. It is known for Buddhist culture. Several Buddhist monasteries and Gompas can be seen in Ladakh region. Leh is the administrative centre of Ladakh and often called as the Capital of Ladakh. The region is very famous for adventure & sport activities like trekking, chadar trekking, ice trekking, etc. Well, if you too want to enjoy the charm of awesome tourism in India visit India, the Switzerland of Asia. The captivating beauty of lush valleys adds a great backdrop to the houseboat ride perfect for a romantic sojourn.